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Olivia here! Over the past few weeks you've met many of my superhero friends and today, I'm excited to introduce you to another awesome ally, Super Collards! Most of you know collards as a yummy, green comfort food, but did you know that collards work overtime keeping us happy and healthy? That’s because collards have a unique super power that helps put us in a good mood and ensures we will catch our zzz's. It's all thanks to folate which clears the path for feel-good, sleep-well hormones like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

But we can't expect collards to do ALL the work. Check out my sleepy-time tips below.
1. Eat the Right Stuff: People used to think eating before bed was bad for digestion and metabolism. Turns out, it's all about making the right food choices. If you find that you're a little hungry close to bedtime, don't fret! Some foods in addition to collards can actually help prepare your body for sleep. Cherries are chocked full of melatonin a natural sleep-aid; cheese has the amino-acid tryptophan which also helps us say goodnight; and bananas have potassium that helps our muscles relax.
2. Get the Right Stuff: It may seem obvious, but we sleep the best when we are as comfortable as possible. Collards may help our bodies prepare for sleep, but they can't replace a happy sleep space. Make sure you’ve got a comfy bed and pillows, and that your bedroom isn’t a mess! Falling asleep is easy when you’re on a cloud.
3. Do the Right Stuff: I like watching TV but, before bed, my family is all about books. Reading instead of looking at a harsh, bright screen, helps our minds wind down. Plus it turns out, digital screens tell our brains to stay awake! Try to keep all unnecessary electronics out of the bedroom and become a bookworm about an hour before bedtime. 
That's all for this week, sweet dreams!
-Olivia and Team Olivia’s
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