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Fresh food and delicious recipe ideas are often all that's needed to inspire creativity in the kitchen. We love making food that our families will love, and food that will give them the nutrition and fuel they need to power through the day.

But sometimes even the most enticing fresh foods and mouth-watering recipes don’t get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes we’re tired. Sometimes we’re in a cooking rut. Sometimes we’re considering eating … a frozen dinner!

Stop right there! We know how great it feels to be inspired in the kitchen. And we know how it feels to be totally unmotivated. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite hints for recharging your cooking routine! Next time you’re feeling less than inspired about preparing dinner, remember our three fresh hints below, and restore your kitchen genius.
Quin-what? Try using a new ingredient you’ve never cooked with before. It could be something as simple as brown rice, quinoa -- a super-food fave -- or a little more niche like almond flour or a special type of cheese. In fact, we've got a delicious new appetizer recipe handy for you right here: prosciutto-wrapped arugula with pecorino cheese.
Power up. You know that weird attachment for your hand mixer that you’ve never hooked up? Try it! Learn what it does and then try making something using that new tool.
Share the Cooking Love. Invite a friend to come cook a classic dish with you. Inspire each other and share your insider tips for making the best lasagna, carrot cake or caesar salad ever. It's guaranteed to lead to weeks of cooking inspiration! 
Speaking of inspiration, we’re excited to turn the Olivia’s Open Mic spotlight on our very own, talented and inspired designer, Mike Catacchio.
Meet Mike
Mike Catacchio, Designer at Olivia’s Organics, Creative Mastermind, “The Man Behind the Pigtails,” Organic Champion from Day 1
First Foray into Design: “I’ve always liked drawing. In high school, my art teacher encouraged me to apply to art colleges to develop my passion further. So I sent my senior art portfolio to Massachusetts College of Art and was accepted! I chose to major in graphic design because, from packaging to branding to brochures, there are so many ways you get to communicate your message to the public.”

A Peak Behind the Office Curtain: “One of my favorite things about being a part of the Olivia’s team is that we as designers are integrated in the product development process from the very first step. It’s a group effort on everything we develop, and that means we all participate in the journey together – from generating the initial ideas all the way to the final product.”

Mike's Best Kept Secret: “There is one secret that absolutely nobody knows about, and I’ve kept it a secret for over 10 years. It’s time to let it out of the bag, so here goes -- Olivia started out as a brunette! After my first draft of the brown-haired Olivia character, I met the real Olivia who was just three years old at the time, and she had blonde hair! So I changed her hair color … that’s it, now everyone knows the secret!”
Meet the Olivia's Team in NYC
Our Olivia's team is hitting the road! If you happen to be in NEW YORK CITY this weekend, we'd love to see you! Come by our booth on Saturday at the
7th Annual Taste of Seaport at the historic South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan. We'll be offering tasty bites of our spring mix with a dressing of your choice and a chance to win a salad lover's dream bowl and a year's worth of free Olivia's salads. Hope to see you there!

As always, thank you for making Olivia’s part of your healthy, fresh life.
Until next week,
Team Olivia’s
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