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We did it! We made it through another wonderful and crazy, family- and food-filled holiday! And if you’re like us, at some point last week while you were stirring, melting, boiling, kneading, chopping or whipping, you thought to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way to do this …”

Well, you were right, and we are here to help. Specifically, we're going to tackle some important baking truisms that will help make your holiday breads, pies and cookies absolutely perfect. For all our chefs and kitchen masters out there, you know that cooking and baking can be very different. While cooking is more interpretive and open to improvisation – a pinch here and a little spice there – baking is about exact measurements, and precise ingredients. As it turns out, there are also a few baking hints that can help you reach your baking best.

To make the next few weeks of non-stop holiday cooking and baking as easy as pie, add these handy tips to your arsenal and prepare yourself with our "total baking toolkit."

Take Your Temperature: You know this one, and it's VERY important. Make sure all of your ingredients are at the exact temperature your recipe calls for before beginning your next masterpiece. For example, some baked goods, like our killer kale scones, call for chilled butter while others need everything at room temperature. Getting the temp right will make melding flavors and developing the right consistency a certainty. And if you're ever in the kitchen, mixing all your delicious ingredients together only to realize the eggs you need at room temp are still in the fridge, we've got just the tip for you. Place the eggs into a bowl of warm water for five minutes and voila! That's room temp made easy!
Better Butter Your Bundts: This is another easy one, but one we still sometimes don’t do. A few sprays on non-stick stuff will do the trick, right? Nope, not quite. Think about it – you’re putting in the time and effort to bake something delicious and beautiful and healthy, like our favorite spinach bread, so why not be sure it makes it out of the pan? Forget the chore of knifing the edge of a cake that won’t budge. Before pouring a drop of batter, grease your baking pans completely – every corner, every ridge, every time!
Get a Little Salty: It seems counterintuitive – I’m baking a sweet, so do I really need that full teaspoon of salt? Yes, you do! Salt is actually what makes all of your flavors “pop.” It provides the necessary palate contrast to brighten vanilla, almond, lemon, even the chocolate in our heavenly chocolate fudge spinach brownies, so go ahead and make sure you add some salt to your sweet!

Keep your Hands Wet: If you're forming anything by hand or working with sticky ingredients, here's a quick hint – get your hands a little wet. By giving them a quick rinse you can help form your baking masterpieces without getting the ingredients stuck on you! 
Tell us what baking tip you live by and send us a photo of yourself in action to You just might find yourself in the spotlight you deserve in an upcoming Olivia’s Open Mic!

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Thank you as always for making Olivia’s part of your healthy, fresh life.

See you soon!

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