August 2015
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Sachem's Head Yacht Club

Junior Sailing Newsletter - Mid August

End of Season SHYC Junior Events:

Thursday, August 20th, Junior Awards Ceremony at 6pm in the ballroom.  Details on sign-up and dinner to come.  Send your best photos to for the slideshow!

Thursday, August 18th at 11AM.  Guilford's new 
Fire Boat "Guilford Marine 10" is coming to visit SHYC sailing

Sailing News
Three days of great wind, sun, and fun..., with one day of waves, weather, and the indoors.  Each class got a lot of sailing in despite Tuesday being a wash.  On Tuesday, we weathered the storm by building anemometers, doing arts and crafts, exploring purchase systems (by creating pully systems that could lift instructors off the ground), and playing games- including "sailing jeopardy." 

Afternoon Sailing Classes 

The sea breeze kicked in a little earlier each day, as it tends to in August.  We had 13+ knots waiting for the advanced sailors.  They got quite a thrill trying to steer through the waves and keep the boats up right.  There were a few turtles out there! The Optis had even more of a challenge steering through 3 foot waves on Wednesday.  We sailed from the club to "Sea Glass Beach" for a respite and then back.  It was great to see the kids handle the conditions with no problem. 
On Thursday we put everyone into 420s for a cruise around Faulkner's Island.  It was quite windy and lots of waves.  We had one capsize, but the kids were able to right the boat and get back underway with little problem.  It is such a long sail and everyone is tired when we return, but there is a sense of accomplishment sailing 4 miles from home in big winds and waves.  I am always amazed how calm everyone is facing the challenges that sail brings.  

Beginner Opti
The last BIG hurdle for this class is to sail upwind, close hauled without the aid of the teachers.  Matt worked hard this week to help the kids grasp this concept. The kids easily get sailing toward something now.  They can all adjust their sails accordingly and go.  Sailing close hauled (sailing as close to the wind as you can while moving forward) and keeping the focus to do it for some time is still challenging even the most advanced in the class.  Matt had them tacking on the whistle heading toward the Thimbles for a long time.  They all did a great job and made steps forward while doing so.  

Opti and BIC Buying and Selling

Do you have an Opt and/or BIC that you will be ready to sell at the end of the summer? Are you looking to buy an Opt or BIC for next summer? Email Sarah Brownand she will list it in the next Junior Sailing newsletter!

Adventure Sailing

Adventure sailing has done some exploring and powerboating.  On Monday we visited Outer Island and explored the tide pools.  Friday they went to the Red House in Guilford, taking turns behind the wheel of the powerboat, learning the different controls and how they affect the boat.  Of course, stopping frequently to swim and have fun.  

Miscellaneous and More:

Please check the LOST & FOUND box in the life-jacket room.  It is overflowing!

SHYC Swimming Update

This week,  swimmers continued to work on their stokes and kicks as they learned little tips such as the thumb lock when using stream line arms. They learned how to do flip turns while participating in races. Swimmers collected diving toys and played games such as Sharks and Minnows and Colors. Lastly, many classes learned how to keep their head above water like a life guard as they jump into the water. 

Race Team Regatta Update! 

Girl-Power 420 Weekapaug Regatta: Penelope Weekes and Liv Streeter adventured to Weekapaug, RI and represented SHYC in a Girl-Power 420 regatta.  They did awesome and finished 2nd place!

Sea Squirts

On Tuesday we went for a beautiful sail in the 420's with the instructors and the Beginner Opti class.  We sailed to the red bell, played sponge tag, and got to see the new Guilford Fire Boat practice shooting water.  Everyone had smiles on their faces at the end of the day.   On Wednesday and Thursday we continued to get comfortable sailing Optis around the harbor.  The kids are doing a great job working as a team to rig and derig the boats.  Everyone seems to be settling down in the boats and are beginning to understand the cause and effect of steering and adjusting sails.  The wind, angles, and directions are all such abstract concepts for this age, it takes a while before it all gels.  But, we are getting them ready for the Beginner Opti class where they will all excel.

SHYC Tennis Update! 

SHYC Club JR Champs:  A great group of SHYC kids came out for the annual SHYC Club JR Tennis Champs on Saturday August 15th.   Everyone played hard and had fun!  Congrats to the winners!

Inter-Club End of Year Tennis Champs: Bryar Russel, Peter D, and Quinn Raymond played Singles, and Morgan & Holland and Molly & Penelope played doubles, in the older kids Inter-Club Champs held at Madison Beach Club.  Silas Streeter, Simion Weekes, and Molly Peterson represented SHYC in the orange ball champs, held at Madison Racket Club.  All the kids represented SHYC well and won lots of matches!  Congrats SHYC Tennis! 

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