August 2015
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Sachem's Head Yacht Club

Junior Programs Newsletter - End of Summer 2015

Thanks for a Great 2015 Summer!
A big thank you to all our outstanding instructors; we were lucky to have you at Sachems Head Yacht Club this summer, and many of you for multiple summers in a row: Sailing - Scott, Teddy, Matt, Julia, Kathleen, Ali, and Jimmy; Swimming - Emily & Nicole; Tennis - Steve & Meghan.  Thank you to all the kids for working so hard all summer and sharing so many smiles and laughs. 

The Junior Programs now have 7 new perpetual wall plaques for our most important program awards. Sailing: All-Star, Most Improved, and Best Sportsmanship. Tennis: All-Star, Most Improved, and Best Sportsmanship. Swimming: All-Star. These plaques will be prominently hung in the ballroom for all to see for years to come. 

Have a great winter and see you all next June!
Whitney, Katie, Kiley, and Catherine. 

2015 Sailing Program Award Winners:

10 & Under : Sailing Award Winners
All-Star Coach's Award: Henry Ferguson
Most Improved: Wylder Smith
Best Sportsmanship: Ike Schutz
Best Attitude: Kendall Mulligan
Most Enthusiastic: Freddy Bonz

10 & Over : Sailing Award Winners
All Star Coach's Award: Penelope Weekes
Most Improved: Elle Petra
Best Sportsmanship: Liv Streeter
Best Attitude: Erin Tomsich
Most Enthusiastic: Anna Steffen


Last Day Sailing Scavenger Hunt

2015 Tennis Program Award Winners:

All-Star Coach's Award - Tennis:
Jackie Carroll (10 & Under)
Charlie Fenollosa (Over 10)

Most Improved - Tennis:
Henry Ferguson (10 & Under)
Morgan Mancuso (Over 10)

Best Sportsmanship - Tennis:
Paige Steffen (10 & Under)
Wes Raymond (Over 10)

Best Attitude - Tennis:
Claire Tuttle (10 & Under)
Freddy Bonz (Over 10)

Most Enthusiastic - Tennis:
Nola Lai (10 & Under)
Holland Ferguson (Over 10)

Tennis SHYC Club Championships:

Boys 11&over Singles: 
Winner: Bryar Russell
Finalist: Jake Mizhen

Boys 11&over Doubles:
Winner: Peter D'Albert & Brooks Ferguson
Finalist: Quinn & Wes Raymond

Boys 10&under Singles:
Winner: Silas Streeter
Finalist: Simon Weeks

Girls 11&over Doubles:
Winner: Morgan Mancuso & Holland Ferguson
Finalist: Taylor Edmunds & Chandler Russell

Girls 10&under Singles:
Winner: Nora Davis
Finalist: Molly Peterson

Girls 10&under Doubles:
Winner: Nora Davis & Molly Peterson
Finalist: Jackie Carroll & Skylar Raymond

Opti and BIC Buying and Selling!

Do you have an Opt and/or BIC that you will be ready to sell at the end of the summer? Are you looking to buy an Opt or BIC for next summer? Post a notice on the SHYC bulletin board before the summer is over or email

2015 Swim Program Award Winners:

As the summer came to an end, swimmers spent the week reviewing the details of each stoke and kick. Each class worked on diving at their level; sitting, kneeling, and standing dives. Swimmers practiced their form while diving over a noodle. We ended the week with game day. It has been a great season! We hope to see you all next summer!

All-Star Coach's Award - Swim: 
Max Andrews
Nola Lai

Best Sportsmanship - Swim:
Gus Fichenholtz
Lila Wimbush

Most Improved - Swim:
Kellor Fitton
Claire Pringle

Most Enthusiastic - Swim:
Miklosh Frusztajer
Dlyan Perry

Best Attitude - Swim:
Keve Frusztajer
Claire Tuttle
Don't Forget to Practice Your Sailing Knots this WInter! 

Thank you Parent Volunteers!

Thank you to all of the Parent-of-the-Day (POD) and Race Team parent volunteers! The top POD volunteer for the summer of 2015 is Catherine Greenman, who volunteered 6 times!
Amy Fenollosa
Catherine Greenman
Derek Streeter
Dempsey Fitton
Erin Carroll
Erin McCarthy
Erin Tuttle
Gail Tomsich
Gina Mizhen
Hadley Swope Kornacki
Harlan Fichtenholtz
Hilary Weekes
Jodi Hodge
Julie Cron
Kelly Streeter
Kerry Schutz
Kiley Russell
Liza Petra
Mark Andrews
Mark Davis
Maureen Pascucilla
Megan Raymond
Melissa Ginz
Micha Frusztajer
Pamela Dear
Paula McCarthy
Pete Raymond
Russell Hodge
Sarah Brown
Shawn Cox
Stacey Smith

Guilford Fire-Boat Visited SHYC Sailing

Clean-up & Boat Removal

  • Please check the LOST & FOUND box, it is overflowing with Junior stuff!
  • Make sure you WASH with fresh water your lifejacket, boats, sails, and blades before putting away for the winter.
  • Don't forget to take home ALL your boats, parts, and sails (there is no winter storage for junior boats/parts at SHYC)
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