August 2015
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Sachem's Head Yacht Club

Junior Sailing Newsletter - August

Adventure Sailing

On Friday, the adventure sailors went sailing on Curlew, Mark Andrew' s CC33 Keel-boat. A great time was had by all.

Afternoon Sailing Classes 

Last week we took advantage of the no wind and taught kinetics, which is getting your boat to move by means other than the wind.  We taught a lesson and then went on the water and did a kinetics relay race.  A great activity to reinforce the physics of how sails and foils work as well as tiring out the kids!  The latter half of the week we have had an abundance of wind.  It has blown 13+. We took advantage of it by doing a race day, putting all sailors in 420's, to help the race team practice for their big 420 regatta at MBC.  We had 6 boats going around a race course in big winds and having a blast!  
The 420 class has also been spending more time with Spinnakers and Trapeze harnesses.  Adding these elements to the boats makes the boat more challenging, faster, and overall more exciting.  The sailors have been doing a great job and the results are beginning to show.  The whole afternoon class has moved to a new level by sailing in big winds.  

Take Your Parents Sailing Night!

Wed August 5th we had our largest ever turn out for Parents/Kid Sailing night: 50+ people! The instructors ran two fun STEM activities. 1) Making an Anemometer using paper cups and straws to measure the wind. Ten turns in one minute is equal to 1 mph of wind speed. 2) Buoyancy Testing - the kids made boats out of tin foil, and tested to see how many marbles it could hold. Anna Steffen won the night with 256 marbles. Lots of parents and kids went sailing. Seasquirts were spotted giving their parents rides in Optis and race team kids were seen taking their parents out for 420 advetnures! Thank you to the sailing instructors for hosting such a great event!
STEM: Making Anemometers


Beginner Opti

Last week we had either zero knots of wind and 14+ knots of wind and not much in between.  The instructors have done a great job of balancing teaching, sailing, and going with the no wind vibe to just have fun!  We have been hitting the bowline knot hard in every class.  It is the universal sailing knot. Please, challenge your child at random moments (except the squirts) to tie a bowline. Just throw 'em a line and watch them go.  Our goal is to have every child doing it automatically, without even thinking about it, by the end of the session!

Opti and BIC Buying and Selling

Do you have an Opt and/or BIC that you will be ready to sell at the end of the summer? Are you looking to buy an Opt or BIC for next summer? Email Sarah Brownand she will list it in the next Junior Sailing newsletter!
1st Tri-Club Junior Tween Mixer Dance.  
Thank to Megan Raymond for hosting, everyone had a blast!


SHYC Swimming Update

We've had a great summer of swimming so far! This summer we have been focussing on water safety. Swimmers have learned strategies to rest and stay safe in any body of water. They have been setting their own goals and increasing the amount of time they tread water. Swimmers have also worked on increasing the length of time they hold their front, back, and tuck floats.

The 8:45 and 2:00 classes have been competing in a treading water contest. Both classes can tread water for a long time! Swimmers have been working on their gaining strength through strokes and kicks. They have been practicing to develop clean and precise strokes through games and drills.  Until next week...keep on swimming, swimming, swimming!

Sea Squirts

Early last week we focused on sailing around 2 marks; by the end of the lesson everyone was tacking and jibing. Another day we played follow the leader with a coach boat in front and 1 or 2 Optis behind. Everyone did an awesome job sailing in a straight line! It was incredible to see so many squirts sailing independently this weeks. We also had derigging wars and relay races. We also did a 'Sailors for the Sea' activity about plankton. We learned that whales eat plankton and then made our plankton with cool arts & crafts supplies.

Race Team Regatta Updates! 

Madison Beach Club Regatta - Friday 8/7:  We had 13 sailors representing SHYC at the MBC Regatta. Our three green fleeters had a great time coached by Ali Gowrie. Skylar Raymond had a great attitude and Gus Hodge won a sportsmanship award!  Nola Lai finished in 3rd overall for green with a bullet in one of the races! Our 4 RWB fleeters sailed further out of the harbor and faced heavier winds as Coach Matt Weber and Harcourt assisted the sailors in competition. Ike Shutz sailed in his first RWB regatta alongside his buddy, Henry Ginz. They stayed competitive as the wind picked up throughout the day despite being some of the youngest boys out there. Liv Streeter started off the first race finishing in third out of the entire RWB fleet! Anna Steffen had a great day in the heavy wind as well.

Quinn Raymond and Holland Ferguson sailed together in the 420s, working hard all day to keep the boat flat with no capsizes from this light team. Penelope Weekes and Emma Bonz had the strongest finishes of the day, using their strong upwind sailing. They were frequently right on the tail of the leaders in many races. The girls, Pen and Em (Sail #3), finished in 5th out of the 13 boat fleet. Brooks Ferguson and Hayden Lai started off the day strong and would have been competitive but were knocked out of competition literally as Brooks was hit by the boom. Also a very light boat together, they sailed fast while trying to keep the flat and showed impressive skills on the downwind legs.
Tiverton Bic Un-Regatta -Thursday 7/30: We had four sailors go to Tiverton, RI for a fun Bic Un-regatta! We had two teams in an A/B fleet style: Emma Bonz and Holland Ferguson sailed in a pair and siblings Simon and Penelope Weekes sailed together. The fun included a standin-up race, around the island race, capsize on the horn, and much more. The last race of the day was a Freestyle race where the four SHYC sailors and their coach.

Mason's Island Green Opti iday 7/31:  On Friday 7/31 our Green Opti Team went to Mason's Island Green Opti regatta which was even more fun. Nola Lai, Ike Shutz, and Henry Ginz did great in a big fleet of nearly 50 optis. This is a regatta is not to be missed next year - lunch ashore, followed be a perfect amount of racing, and then back on land for water slides, animal exhibits and greasy watermelon races that kids all love.
Parent of the 1/2 Day
(5 Spots Needed)
Thank you to all the parents that have volunteered. It is a big help. We are still looking for parents for next week. You can sign up here:

Tuesday, August 11th
AM (8:45-12:45PM) –  Sign-up Here
PM (12:15-4:15PM) –  Pamela D
Wednesday, August 12th
AM (8:45-12:45PM) – Sign-up Here
PM (12:15-4:15PM) – Sign-up Here
Thursday, August 13th
AM (8:45-12:45PM) – Sign-up Here
PM (12:15-4:15PM) – Catherine
Friday, August 14th 
AM (8:45-12:45PM) – Sign-up Here

Important: after checking in and getting your red POD backpack, please stick around so the instructors can introduce you to the kids and so you can listen to the daily briefing so that you know what the kids are doing for the day.  >

SHYC Tennis Update! 

Parent/Child Tennis Tournament
10&under Winner = Kirk & Henry Ferguson
10&over Winner = Kirk & Holland Ferguson
Congratulations to all of the tennis players!

Miscellaneous and More:

  • End of year slide show - please email your best summer junior photos to Kerry Schutz at 
  • The week of  August 10th we will have Kyle Fast as a substitute sailing instructor.  He is an excellent sailor and has taught sailing for years.  
  • Teddy Weekes (sailing coach) & Nicole Johnson (swim coach) got married on Saturday August 8th - Congrats!!
  • Host Matt Webber, the Race Coach, for dinner at your house! Please sign up here:
  • Please check the LOST & FOUND box in the life-jacket room.  It is overflowing!

Upcoming SHYC Junior Events

  • Junior SHYC End of Summer Tennis Tournament (all ages). Look for more details from Steve this week. Most matches are tentatively scheduled for Saturday August 15th.
  • Tuesday, August 12th 6-8PM - SHYC BINGO Night! All ages welcome! $15 adults, $10 kids. RSVP to Kerry Schutz.
  • Thursday, August 20th, Junior Awards Ceremony at 6pm in the ballroom.  Details to come.  Send your best photos to for the slideshow!!
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