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Hi Everyone,
Below are the updates and happenings that you'll need to be aware of this week:

Hope you all have a good week.  See you on Sunday!


Vacation Bible School

VBS (Vacation Bible School) program G-Force! starts Sunday evening!   We have registration forms and volunteer sheets!  Have you invited your children, grandchildren, neighbors, friend's children?  All are welcome!
(VBS runs 7/26-30, Sunday thru Thursday:  5:15-6 for a light supper; program, 6-8:15 PM.) 

Weekly Events:

Tuesday, 7/21, 7 PM:  Church Council meets
Wednesday, 7/22:
* 9 AM:  Breakfast at Gabe's Café, Dacono
* 7 PM:  Cowboy Fellowship.  Special Artist--Tommy Brandt 

Thursday, 7/23:
* 11 AM:  We will decorate Rinn to look like a "G-Force Adventure Park"!  Come one, come all, and let's turn this place into an activity center!!!!!

Friday, 7/24, 5-8 M:  Vince Grishman reserves Fellowship Hall

Saturday, 7/ 25, 8 AM-Noon: 'Every Member' Work
                          Morning.   Projects for everyone's skill level!

Sunday, 7/26:  (thru Thursday, 7/30) 
Everyone that took a donation ticket, please bring to the church no later than 9:30 AM!
* 9:30 AM:  Worship Service
* 5:15 PM:  Light supper for VBS participants
* 6-8:15 PM:  VBS program starts!

Google Calendar:

Please click here to access the church's google calendar. It is constantly updated and will give you the dates times and locations for our various events. Plus, if you have a smart phone or online calendar, you can follow us and get updates as soon as they happen. 

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Take Care,
Laurene Grabowski
Office Manager

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