A Note from Pastor Bryson

A Note from Pastor Bryson

Hello Rinn Nation!

First things first, I forgot an announcement on Sunday and I wanted to get the info to you. It involves the Boulder County Fair, which starts this Saturday (8/1) in Longmont. There will be a parade to kick of the festivities that morning, and Mike Shaw is planning on entering his horse drawn cart as our float. As such, he would love to have some riders for the back. It's easy. I did it on the Fourth of July, and it's real fun. All you do is enjoy the rid while waving to the adoring public.  If you are interested, please meet in the northeast corner of Roosevelt Park in Longmont (it is on Coffman Street, we are float #41). Be there before 9:30a, and dressed for the weather!  I will unfortunately not be able to join you, as I will be deep in the mountains somewhere celebrating my 32nd birthday.

Next, I am excited to share that Rinn Church has received an invite from the Rocky Mountain Conference of the UMC to participate in a brand new program called the "Whole Church initiative." This effort is run by our area's Vital Congregations Coordinator, Rev. Jeremy Scott. It has it's roots in the Missouri Conference though, and the church (FUMC Independence) I served as Youth Minister went through it while I was there. It was one of the elements that helped that congregation reinvigorate itself, like I described in my sermon last Sunday (which you can access on our website right now The conversation it inspired really helped us get out and reengage the Independence community. So what is this WCI and why is it so effective, you ask? Well, to put it concisely, the WCI is a discernment process that helps local churches work with the Holy Spirit to come up with a dynamic mission and vision for ministry. Or in other words, it helps us find the ways in which God wants our congregation to serve.

It sounds simple, but it is actually quite challenging. It really stretched the leaders of FUMC Independence to be called to interact with the difficult community they had outside their doors. And it will push us if/when we decide to enter the program. Thankfully, we are not alone in the process. As a part of it, we are linked with 3 other UMCs in the area (Estes Park, Johnstown, Fort Morgan). They will walk with us through it. Their laity will work with ours, and their Clergy will be linked with me in small group work. Two of these pastors are good friends of mine, so I am very much looking forward to being with them!

I realize you all must have a lot of questions about this program. So here is some information for you:

If you would like to be directed to the WCI Website, please go to
For an introductory information packet, please click here.

If you go through these things and still want to chat with someone about it, I would love to help! Please give me a call or stop by the office to hear all about this awesome opportunity. We will also have a representative from the program joining us after worship on Sunday, August 23rd. At that time, you will have the opportunity the hear all about the program, and have your voice heard as to whether Rinn Church enters it. I really hope we choose to do so. Following a mission and vision is how I was trained to lead in Seminary. Plus, I have personally seen the results invigorate churches just like ours. So I hope you are as excited as I am. God has given us a great possibility here. Let's embrace it! Hope you are having a great week.

Thanks friends. Blessings on you all and see you soon!

In Christ,
Pastor Bryson

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