April 26, 2018

Environmental Protection Changes Planned


During the regular session on April 25th, Cabinet issued a decision to establish an plant which will produce improved fuel using washed coal from Ukhaa-Khudag. The business will operate as a subsidiary of Erdenes Mongol. The proposed plant is one of measures directed toward implementing the decree which prohibits the use of raw coal beginning May 15, 2019. Raw coal would be replaced with this improved fuel source, and thereby reduce environmental pollution. It is expected that the plant will process 90 thousand tons of improved fuel annually, and will finance its operational expenses directly from its sales revenue.

At the session, Cabinet members also approved a draft resolution to take the Tuul River under special protection, as proposed by MP A. Sukhbat. 190 thousand cubic meters of water is consumed daily for either industrial or domestic purposes. According to expert research, the ecosystem of the riverbeds has deteriorated and reserves of drinking water have diminished substantially due to the growing population as well as the increased number of construction projects.

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Cross-border Agreement with Russia


On April 25th, the Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism N. Tserenbat met the Russian Federation’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Sergey Donskoy. Both parties agreed to designate special protection for a cross-border region, and to bio-control forest insects, as well as collaborating to prevent from forest fires. A joint-group will also undertake surveillance research on rare wild species which cross each country’s boundaries. During the meeting, Minister N. Tserenbat also made a request to accelerate construction on the hydro-power plant in the Selenge River basin. 

Keywords: Russian Federation, environment, research, insects   The Official Gazette /page 2/ 


Fewer Construction Factories in 2017


In 2017, approximately 20 construction factories started operations, a decrease by half compared to the two previous years. The Director of the Building Material Manufacturer’s Association O. Lkhagvajav stated that building material producers and construction companies have had a difficult year due to lower investments in the construction sector and the reduced numbers of mortgage loans. Most factories commissioned since 2014 are small-middle sized enterprises, and 75 percent of them operate in Ulaanbaatar. In 2013, Mongolia imported 88 percent of its building materials. Now it is possible to supply 70 percent of building materials from the domestic market. The National Statistical Office reported that in the first quarter of 2018, cement production reached 70.4 thousand tons, a three-fold increase compared to the same period in 2017. But chalk production has decreased three-times over, and iron concrete production reduced by 50 percent in the same period.       

Keywords: construction, mortgage, investments, economy   The Official Gazette /page 11/

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Regional and National Water Improvements Planned with ADB Grant


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction will provide a grant-in aid of 2.5 million USD to Mongolia. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by officials. 1 million USD of the grant will be dedicated to technical assistance in improving Mongolia’s water system. The remaining 1.5 million USD will be allocated toward the regional development and technical assistance project in the provinces and soums. ADB’s country director in Mongolia, Yolanda Fernandez Lommen, stated, “Improved water and natural resources management will have substantial impact on Mongolia’s further development. The grant will be closely aligned with the government of Mongolia’s policies and actions to strengthen government services and ensure inclusive economic growth”.

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