July 17, 2018
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Development of bill on civil servant code of conduct finalized


Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat G. Zandanshatar announced that the development of a bill on codes of conduct for civil servants has been completed. The bill was initially planned to be discussed during the last spring session of Parliament. After looking into similar laws and regulations in Canada and Japan, the working group, led by Chief G. Zandanshatar, wrote the bill in alignment with Mongolia’s legal environment and specific characteristics. The bill includes provisions to categorize civil servants’ responsibilities as ethical or disciplinary. According to the bill, when taking measures against civil servant misconduct, disciplinary actions must be suited to the misconduct, not redundant, and maintain transparency.      

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Crude oil exports generated 94.3 billion MNT in state revenue


It is projected that Mongolia will export a total of 8.1 million barrels (1.1 million tons) of crude oil in 2018. As of June 20, oil export volume stood at 3.1 million barrels (424,000 tons) nationwide, bringing its export performance to 38.6 percent. According to the 2018 State Budget Law, 223.45 billion MNT should be generated from the petroleum sector. In the first half of 2018, state revenue from crude oil exports amounted to 94.3 billion MNT. Construction of oil refinery infrastructure commenced in Altanshiree soum of Dornogobi Province on June 22, after many years of talks.       

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Households saved less and borrowed more in 2017


According to the National Statistical Office’s (NSO) 2017 household socio-economic survey, 184,200 households in Mongolia took out salary loans, 109,800 households took out pension loans, 72,600 households took out herder loans, and 57,600 households had mortgage loans. These figures show that more than 50 percent of all households in Mongolia have loan debt. In 2017, the average amount of debt per household was equivalent to 5.4 million MNT. The NSO reported that a mere 21.8 percent of all households have savings. The number of households with savings has continually decreased each year. In 2017, the figure fell by 3 percent.

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Radiation monitoring system to be installed at New Ulaanbaatar International Airport


Deputy Chairman of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection (GASI) D. Enkhsaikhan received delegates and trainers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy. From July 16 through 21, the delegation will organize a specialized training for GASI radiation inspectors. In June, GASI signed a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy for the supply of 5.3 billion MNT in radiation monitoring  technology to be installed at the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport. It was reported that the radiation monitoring system will be commissioned by December 2018.                     

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