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January 2016 Newsletter


  • Happy New Year

  • January Meeting - Extracting with Laurie Blake
  • October, November & December meetings catch-up

  • Treasury - Fees

  • Future Dates

F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
Bathurst Beekeepers would like to wish all of our members and friends a very happy new year. Our club is growing steadily with many new members joining over the holiday period. 

2016 will be a year for growth, learning and establishing a strong club with plenty of opportunities to get hands on beekeeping.

January Meeting - Extracting Honey

Join us this month to discuss all there is to know about extracting honey! Our treasurer, Laurie Blake, will be leading our discussion and possible demo on extracting honey. A must for beginners!

Thursday 28th January


3 Olympic Place, Kelso

Please reply to this email with your intention to attend.

Frame Building Success


In October, we had a frame-building demo/workshop during our meeting. Members were shown how to build a frame and embed foundation wax from scratch, and had one frame each to have a go themselves. The frames have been kept for the club to use in our hives once they get started. We would like to thank our treasurer, Laurie Blake, for leading our demo and organising the materials for our members. 

Some Beekeeping Ideas from Dave Wilson

November Meeting

Dave Wilson, president of the Parramatta branch of the ABA, was kind enough to visit us in November to talk about general beekeeping for beginners. With over 15 years experience beekeeping, Dave's top tips included: 
  • Learn as much as possible through attending meetings and field days!
  • Be kind to your back by using 8 frame full-depth/ideal combinations and a barrier system. Don't mix frames between boxes to contain disease. Lift responsibly - use boxes that can hold 4-5 frames to cart back and forth from the extractor. 
  • Check the front door! Look for bees bringing in pollen; dead bees outside; bees landing awkwardly (heavily laden with nectar - a good sign!);many bees at the entrance in the evening (a sign of lots of maturing honey inside); and bees flying in and out.
  • Look for FEDSS: Food - sufficient honey and pollen; Eggs - Queen and brood present; Disease - check for signs of disease; Space - are there empty cells? Is it full? Determine whether to add a super or pack down; and Swarming - split hive at the right time if overcrowding to avoid swarming.
  • Perform a full hive (brood) check twice a year. Especially in Spring!
  • Use excluders. Excluders give you confidence that the queen is in the bottom box along with the brood, and makes it easier to collect honey.
  • Sell a variety of products to recoup the cost of beekeeping - honey, creamed honey, comb, wax, candles etc.
  • Take all the gear you need with you! It's no fun forgetting a tool when you need it.
  • Control pests, for example the small hive beetle can be caught using a beetle trap.
  • Pack your hives down in winter, This helps to keep the hive warm, eliminating a lot of empty space.
  • Beekeeping is a great way to socialise with other like-minded people.
  • Enter your honey in competitions if you like.
  • Collecting bee swarms and colonies is a great way to start a new hive and gain experience.
  • Finally - Enjoy beekeeping!

Thank you Dave for your insight into beekeeping. 
In December, we enjoyed dinner and drinks at The George Hotel in Bathurst. Thank you for those who came along, it was a great evening!


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