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An EPIK Update

Working together to create a deliberate digital culture
for and with youth

Reporting on EPIK Short-term Win Projects

On June 26, 2015, a small group of partners met together to discuss potential “short-term win" projects. (EPIK here is being used as an adjective, not a noun. EPIK = cross-sector projects that address multiple facets or "buckets" of the issue of raising children in a digital world.) Collective community impact work is long-term in nature, but shorter-term projects can help strengthen cross-sector relationships and a multi-faceted mindset. They can also build momentum for the longer-term work. 

The group brainstormed eighteen different project ideas, and then prioritized and selected three short-term wins on which to focus:

1) Support for HB213 (digital citizenship education)

2) A Utah County Hackathon for children and parents

3) Building relationships and collaboration with technology companies. 

Read the meeting report here. You can also read more about each project, and more about the "buckets" on the blog

School community councils need information and support to implement HB213. EPIK Alliance has an opportunity to help!

HB213, sponsored by Keven Stratton, amended Utah law for school community councils and administration to collaborate on "safe technology utilization and digital citizenship" education in schools. According to Media Literacy Now, HB213 is the first legislation of its kind in the nation. 

Read more about how we are proposing to help implement HB213.

Helping parents and youth in Utah County get excited about technology, creativity, and deliberate digital use. 

We are excited to be collaborating with Utah County 4-H STEM in putting on a hackathon for all ages and skills this December. We plan to host brainstorming challenges, design thinking workshops, coding classes for kids, discussions with community leaders and parents on raising “digital natives,” and more!

Read more. 

If you would like to be involved, email:

Help build bridges and expand the communication with technology industry efforts, so that organizations and community individuals and families alike can benefit from more collaborative, creative efforts to build a more deliberate digital culture in our state.  

Tech companies can have a significant impact on the lives of youth, for good or ill, through products they may (or may not) provide. 

Read more.

The EPIK Bucket List

What are the various facets of the complex issue of raising children in a digital world? See the EPIK bucket list described on the blog to get a glimpse of what has been discussed in community conversations during this past year. 

What do you think are the pressing issues facing us as we seek to build a deliberate digital culture around and with our youth? How can we leverage the positives while mitigating the negatives? Share your thoughts with the community!
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