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Here is our Newsletter #12!
We have driven, walked, visited, talked and eaten a lot since our last newsletter a few weeks ago.
We fell in love with Iran, its people and its nature. We could extend our Visa in Shiraz within less than three hours of bureaucracy and continue our trip eastwards.
Now, our last day in Iran has arrived. In a few hours, we will leave this country and enter Pakistan.
To get you updated, we take you with us through the past weeks with our diary and some pictures.
As usual, you will find one of our favorite photos as a full resolution download below. Have fun!
Big cities...

Before we entered Iran, we knew that Tehran might be a pretty big city. But compared to the German average even a smaller Iranian town has at least 500 000 inhabitants.
After Tabriz, Tehran was the second big city we visited. Everyone had told us about the crazy traffic there - and they were right. The 14 million Tehranis (and all the working people from the province) seem to be on the road almost the whole day. Fortunately, we entered the capital on a Friday, the weekly Iranian holiday. Many people leave the cities to spend their free day in the nature. We could enjoy more or less empty city highways and drive to our host without any traffic jam.
We spent a couple of funny days in Iran's capital. We enjoyed our stay at Ehsan's place and thanked him with a German meal at our last evening. He really liked the "Linsen, Spätzle, Saitenwürschdle".
We drove through the beautiful villages of Kashan, with its old bazar, historic houses and its famous Persian garden, and Abyaneh. The houses here are built from red mud and it looks really pretty in its setting in a green valley.
One of the Iranian cities we definitively liked the most is Esfahan. The centre is a big square (the second biggest square on earth) from the 17th century. On every side of this square is one building, prettier than the other. Two mosques, a palace and the entrance to the basar are just beautiful. In Esfahan, we met Heiner's colleague Constanze who was visiting Iran in October, as well. Another day, we spend with our great host Shagayegh. She got a German (Swabian) dinner on our last evening, too!
...and open spaces
We needed some time in the nature again. We headed to the west, visited the ancient temple of Choga Zanbil (3000 years old) and the Persian Golf. We came pretty close to the Iraq border. This led into several checks from the police, one at 2 am.
After these days, we were ready for the next big city. Shiraz is quieter, though. And the sights mostly in walking distance. The mosques and the basar were nice places to visit. The village Ghalat, a short drive from Shiraz, is really special and totally different to the rest of Iran. Called "Freeland", the atmosphere is relaxed and almost everything seems to be alright there. We met great people and enjoyed the days in this liberal environment.
Visiting the ruined city Persepolis was the last stop before we headed to Yazd. This smaller town in the desert offered another great mosque and pretty mud houses - and we celebrated our "six months on the road" day!
The following days we drove deeper into the desert. You can see the simple but beautiful landscape in the full resolution picture at the end of this newsletter. Willie had some fun in the dunes, Anna got used to handle the sand ladder. The time in the desert with nothing than sand around us was one highlight of our time in Iran.
In Kerman, we experienced snow, in a town in the desert. It was so strange but on the other side, we enjoyed the cold air and the warm tea.
In the pictures below, you see our tea celebration in Yazd and Heiner trying to to some exercise in a historic zurkaneh ('house of strength'). In Iran, there are still a few followers of the Zoroastrian religion. In the third picture, you see two Towers of Silence, the former burial place in the sun. In the last picture, Heiner is doing some routine maintenance for Willie.
Now, only some 100 kilometers are left until the Pakistan border.
We had a fantastic time in Iran. We met so many great and hospitable people! We thank everyone who made the time in this country so unforgetable! Merci!
The next adventure in Pakistan is waiting - 800 km escort by the police through the province of Baluchistan.
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Here it is! Our regular gift! The best picture, made by us, for you!
Willie on a windy morning in the Dasht-e Kavir, one of Iran's two deserts.
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See you on the road!
Anna and Heiner
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