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Here is our Newsletter #6! With a surprise at the end!
Montenegrin Goodbye

After the previous newsletter #5, the last days in Montenegro went by pretty fast. We visited the capital Podgorica, not because of its good reputation, but because we needed to do some laundry and hoped to find a service there. It wasn't that easy, but eventually we met Edita, the owner of a chemical laundry. She offered (in perfect German) to wash our clothes there while we had a coffee together.
The day after, we visited the Montenegrin site of Lake Shkodra and the coast again. The southern coast is way more touristic than the inland and the bigger cities are like a giant hotel complex. Nevertheless, we found a quiet wild campsite on the beach, thanks to the (again good German speaking) Montenegrin couple Milanka and Vesko. They life there for around six months, the other half of the year in Frankfurt. We visited their house the next morning, invited for coffee - and one or two Rakija shots. That was a good start into our last day in Montenegro. At the beginning, we had no expectations of this country, but it left us delighted.
View from our pop-up roof
New page online
In the meantime, we worked on the blog and published our first page in the Travel Guide - read all about the sites we visited in Croatia!
Next page about Montenegro is going to be online soon.
Croatia Travel Guide

Get all directions, watch the pictures and follow our trip in the video. Read more>>

Albanian Hello

The first days in Albania were tough, though. We decided to take the unpaved road up to Theth in the Albanian Alps. Half way up, we noticed that we had lost some parts of our left front shock absorber. The road was more than bumpy (Anna couldn't believe that Willie actually can go up there) and we didn't want to go further without one shock absorber. We turned around and drove back to Shkodra. With great help of some locals (more about this on Facebook), we fixed the shock absorber. But we needed a few days off the road after those stressful situations. We stayed at a really nice campground at Lake Shkodra and relaxed a little bit. Plus, we worked on the first country-page of our travel guide. You find the link below.
With refilled energy, we started a few days later to the second trial up to Theth. This time, we took the paved road up. We stopped for lunch at a quiet site next to an alpine stream. Sitting in this beautiful mountain panorama, we decided to camp there for the night. We did a short hike in the afternoon, without a map,walked into a small valley - and just came by an impressing canyon with waterfalls.
The next day, we really enjoyed the road down to Shkodra. The very same road, we had to turn around on, a couple of days before. We drove to Koman where we camped close to the ferry that brought us to Fierze the next morning. We had a nice three-hour boat ride through a great mountainous landscape.
The following days, we enjoyed (and sometimes damned) many unpaved roads. After a weekend in Tirana full of history, sightseeing, beer and football, we visited the historic cities Berat and Gjirokaster.
Now we are in Ksamil, at the southern coast. Here, we have some days off again. We are relaxing on the beach and working on the blog. Plus, we are planning the next days. Tomorrow, we are going to leave for Greece.

We really enjoyed the days in Albania. Against many prejudices, the Albanians are the most hospitable and helpful people we have met so far. They seem to be tolerant towards almost everything (origin, religion, traffic rules) - and celebrate their first goal in the Euro2016 like they have won the whole championships.
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In the last weeks, we thought about a gift for you, our faithful readers.
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Have fun  - thanks for reading our stories and following our trip!
See you on the road!
Anna and Heiner
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