Last week and last days.
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Here is our Newsletter #2!

The last week - packed full of blogging, packing, moving...
...and many goodbyes

Wow, we sent you the last (and first) newsletter only 1,5 weeks ago - and it fells like a decade.
Since then, we published our first posts on our website (more about that below). We hope, you like them! And we are collecting likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. We are impressed about all the support!
It is great fun to become a member of the blogger and overlander communities step by step.

On the other side, we had to depart from our "communities" in Dusseldorf. After Anna's last day in the hospital, she had her farewell party. It was a great afternoon with her colleagues - and a tear from time to time.
But there wasn't a lot of time to be sad. She had to pack all our stuff, sell our barbecue (thankfully it stays in the "family") and clean everything up.
Then, the last weekend in Dusseldorf had arrived. We had a really great evening (and night) with our closest friends! The next day, we drove to Stuttgart - after a last "Tschö" to our hometown of the years during university and Anna's first job.
The last days - new residence and ongoing preparations

The time is running. We continue with blogging and organizing. Now in our native town Rutesheim (near Stuttgart) - Anna became citizen here (again).
She has begun to vaccinate Heiner. Only nine shots are missing. =)
Heiner has to go to work tomorrow - his last day! We can't believe it.
Then, we have to order the remaining stuff, prepare the car and arrange the final paperwork.

And, of course, we continue to publish our new posts step by step.
Have a look at our recent posts! In the next one, you will learn everything about how we refurbished the interior last summer. Including some nice pictures of our actions.
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We will keep you up to date in the next newsletter, and always on Twitter and Facebook!
Until then:
to everyone
It's great to have you with us!
See you soon!
Anna and Heiner
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