Dead Day Job Army

Where can we, as People of Color seeking financial independence, go to get advice that isn’t from a mostly white, mostly male, mostly economically privileged perspective? 

We have a lot to learn from each other and have spent too long trying to do it alone. It's time to come out from behind closed doors and turn our conversations into action. 

Let’s start now.

I'm in, let's do this!


First of all, Happy Financial Literacy Month!

Here's a podcast episode we did on how to know if you're financially literate. We recently had some awesome entrepreneurs on the podcast and they shared the phrase financially resilient with us. A lightbulb went off. THAT'S what we're all working towards and as you get more resilient, it gets easier and easier to stay resilient.

Here's the reality - you don't need to know everything about finances to start making progress and there's no such thing as being "good" or "bad" at money (those same people who told us that also probably told us we were "good" or "bad" at math). Financial resiliency takes more than just knowledge, it takes practice and it's a skill we can all build with the right tools.

We had our first Dead Day Job Army cohort in December and have done two more rounds since then. We still can't believe how quickly it's growing and the great aha moments we've had.

From members paying down debt and increasing credit limits/score, to asking for raises and increasing rates, to establishing clear spending and savings habits, we're excited to see how much more resiliency we can all build together.

If you've been thinking about getting your finances in order and want to do it with a group of POC who are all working towards different things with the same mindset, we'd love to have you in our next cohort. There are 5 spots left for May. Hope you're able to join us!
Learn more and apply to join here!

Get answers to questions you may be wondering about, like:

  • Who will I have to share my financial information with?
  • What will I have to share with the group?
  • Why are you doing this in a group setting? Isn’t it rude or impolite to talk about money?
  • Why are you focusing on People of Color?
  • If I’m White, can I join?
  • Isn’t this reverse racism?
  • I have tons of debt, is this something I should even be paying for?
  • Actually, what is financial planning?
Get your questions answered here!

Here for you

feel free to reach out to if you have any other questions!

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