Dead Day Job Army

Where can we, as People of Color seeking financial independence, go to get advice that isn’t from a mostly white, mostly male, mostly economically privileged perspective? 

We have a lot to learn from each other and have spent too long trying to do it alone. It's time to come out from behind closed doors and turn our conversations into action. 

Let’s start now.

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First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your email address with me and for your patience while I figure out the best way to approach setting up a group financial planning platform specifically designed for People of Color.

#DeadDayJobArmy started as a hashtag and call to action by my program director, Tasty Keish, who founded and runs Bondfire Radio (where my husband, Dyalekt, and I host a weekly podcast on personal finance & social justice). She took her listeners on her journey of quitting her day job and people shared their stories, ideas, and encouragement. 

Around the same time, I noticed that the financial conversations I was having with my clients of Color were very different from the ones I was having with my White clients (more on that under Frequently Thought Questions). The name Dead Day Job Army stuck in my head as a way to help POC define and create your own financial independence.

I've spent the last year digging and researching to truly understand the systemic economic issues unique to POC. In that time, the Brunch & Budget podcast has formed a monthly partnership with Prosperity Now's Racial Wealth Divide Initiative and we feature entrepreneurs on a monthly interview series also called Dead Day Job Army.

Now, it's time to start taking action.

Dead Day Job Army isn't just about getting your financial sh*t together (but don't worry, we'll be doing a lot of that!). By learning how to take control of your finances, you can start to build personal wealth, generational wealth, and make lasting change in your communities.

Let's do this!
Learn more and apply to join here!


I am taking up to 10 people who are ready to make real financial change and put in the time, work, and commitment to make it happen.

For this first cohort, we are starting at the hardest time of the year, right before the holidays and the end of the year. This is usually a time of year where people say fuck it, I’ll wait until January, and ride out the last two months with their fingers crossed.

If you’re ready to start the work to change your relationship with money before the end of the year is over, the first Dead Day Job Army cohort may be right for you. A few things to note:

This is not an online course.

Or video series, or recorded webinar, or self-study program, or any other thing that you can “do on your own time” and have “lifetime access” to (which usually means you never get it done). We will be meeting online twice per month and you will have homework to get done each month. We expect you to commit to attending these meetings for yourself and your cohort.

This is not a 30 days road to riches, quick fix, or magic bullet.

Unpacking your financial habits and financial mindset and facing the hard shit will take time, energy, and reflection. As you work through any feelings of shame, embarrassment, or fear you have around money, we will be actively replacing them with habits and actions that will move you closer to financial clarity. We ask that you commit to your cohort for at least six months, and ideally, one year.

This is not a limited time offer, only 24 hours left to buy, better sign up now before it’s too late.

I want you to sign up because you’re ready to commit, not because there’s a countdown clock. If the timing isn’t right for you or you don’t make it into this cohort, there will be others, trust us. Understand that being ready to commit doesn’t mean you won’t feel nervous or scared or that you won’t have setbacks. It means you’re ready to go through the process, challenges and all, with your whole heart and open mind.


Since this is the first one, we’ll surely be working out some kinks and I appreciate you willing to take the leap with me. It also means I'll be extra attentive and you’ll be paying what will most likely be the lowest rate we will ever offer.

See it how works and apply to join here!

Get answers to questions you may be wondering about, like:

  • Who will I have to share my financial information with?
  • What will I have to share with the group?
  • Why are you doing this in a group setting? Isn’t it rude or impolite to talk about money?
  • Why are you focusing on People of Color?
  • If I’m White, can I join?
  • Isn’t this reverse racism?
  • I have tons of debt, is this something I should even be paying for?
  • Actually, what is financial planning?
Get your questions answered here!

Here for you.

feel free to reach out to if you have any other questions!

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