Save Vietnam's Wildlife - September 2015 Newsletter
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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife team is working hard, not only to care for the largest number of rescued pangolins, but also urge the Vietnamese government to change laws which are preventing us from securing permission to release animals back to the wild. Read more about this situation in this edition of our newsletter.
We are running a SAVE THE PANGOLIN t-shirt campaign, to improve awareness about wildlife protection and fundraise for our pangolin conservation work. 100% of profits from this campaign will go to the pangolins! Read on to find out howyoucan
buyyour very own pangolin t-shirt

3D-design concepts for our Pangolin and Carnivore Education Centre are now complete. Now almost halfway done, the work we have achieved on the Pangolin and Carnivore Education Centre is due to our supporters! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this project!

Please help finish and open the Education Centre by the end of the year! Support us at:

Your funds will contribute to interactive and immersive designs, to engage visitors and we hope bring about positive change for wildlife. With your help, our community will have an incredible space to learn about wildlife issues in Vietnam.

4 Sunda pangolins and 1 Chinese pangolin rescued

August 31, 2015 - The Department of Public Security, Ninh Binh province confiscated 5 pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade. SVW was able to rescue these pangolins on the 4th September, after finalizing the required official paperwork. Once transferred to the rehabilitation centre, most of the pangolins ate well and seemed to settle in. Their rehabilitation process continues, and we hope we can secure permission for their release soon.

Save the Pangolin T-shirt campaign
From the middle of September, SVW is running a SAVE THE PANGOLIN t-shirt campaign, selling t-shirts to raise funds for pangolin conservation. The  t-shirts have been distributed to 3 shops in Hanoi. In a generous act of support, a group of students from Hanoi International School  is volunteering to sell t-shirts in their school. 2 weeks after the launching, nearly 50 t-shirts have been sold. We want to say a big thank to DPICenter in Ho Chi Minh City for ordering 60 t-shirts to gift to students, and using it as a platform to educate students about wildlife conservation in Vietnam. Support us! Buy a t-shirts or volunteer to sell them to your family and friends
UNIS students learned about wildlife conservation
From Sep 28th to Oct 1st, nearly 100 students from the United Nations International School, Hanoi joined night tours at the rehabilitation centre, as a part of a trip to discover the wonderful nature in Cuc Phuong National Park.

During the tours, the students learned about wild animals being rehabilitated at the center, as well as threats to wildlife. The students were able to observe the animals’ nocturnal behaviours and learn about Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s work.  
Pangolins and Friends contest update
Congratulations to those who were awarded prizes of “Pangolins and Friends” contest in September. the second prize of the month was awarded to “Big fans of Pangolins” group and Hoang The Trung’s writing won the third prize. Volunteers’ submissions often demonstrate their experience while traveling to meet the local and how to interview them. They also show their commitment to save pangolins and wild animals. The final winner will be chosen at the end of the contest. 
After 2 months, our volunteers have finished interviewing nearly 6895 local people. This is a massive 84% of interviews completed. To achieve this important milestone, we would like to thank all 114 volunteers from 15 provinces and cities in Vietnam. They not only interview local people but also play a vital role in finding medicine shops/ restaurants that sell pangolin products. Recently, volunteers from Son La province and Can Tho province found 2 restaurants selling pangolin wine.  SVW’s field researchers will visit these to investigate. 
National law prevents release of rescued pangolins
Despite best efforts, releasing our recently confiscated pangolins has been delayed. A 2015 directive from the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice, enshrining pangolins as a ‘Priority Species’ elevates their trafficking to a criminal offense. As a result, SVW is being asked to keep pangolins as evidence until criminal trials are completed, a process which may take months. SVW has sent official letters to several government agencies, and talked directly with USAID and the Vietnamese Customs Department, to try and change this situation.>> READ MORE
Working with General Department of Vietnam and USAID
On September 17, SVW staff attend the workshop “Strengthening the effectiveness of illicit wildlife trade in Vietnam” organized by General Department of Vietnam Customs and USAID. The workshop aimed at strengthening the law enforcement to fight against wildlife trafficking in Vietnam. At the workshop, SVW’s representative, Mr Nguyen Van Thai shared about our work in rescue and release confiscated animals and asked for help to change law of Vietnam so that the recently rescued animals can be back into the wild. 
New enclosures for animals completed
In order to provide animals with natural environments and help ensure their welfare during rehabilitation, our captive team has completed building and  decorating new, spacious enclosure. These enclosures are bigger, feature live trees, and lush vegetation. New residents of these enclosures will include our masked palm civet, small-toothed palm civet, and leopard cats. New residents  will be moved in the  first week of October. The Owston’s civets will continue to live in their purpose build enclosures, to ensure the continued success of their captive breeding insurance population. 
As a Vietnamese, I understand that the country has so much incredible fauna and flora that need to be protected. Working as a conservationist, I have a great opportunity to research animal behaviors and their risks. Each animal and each species has its own distinctive character and unique story of how she/he come to the rehabilitation centre. And all of them play important roles in the ecosystem. To maintain its balance and make human life sustainable, we must stop destroy wildlife  and its habitat and start protecting them.>>READ MORE
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We would like to say a big thank you to supporters across the globe, without whom we could not carry out our vital operations.
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