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Dear Friends and Supporters,
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is pleased to announce the release of 24 Sunda pangolins back into the wild this month, including Miracle the pangopup born in our rehabilitation centre.  On top of the 24 animals, we collaborated with Pu mat National Park to release another 3 pangolins that had been confiscated in their local area. 
Carnivore and Pangolin Education Centre nearly complete!
We expect to have the interior of the education centre installed this month and are excited to see the project reaching its final stages. 

We still need help to fund the final components of this centre, so if you’d like to support us please consider pledging a donation through our crowd-funding campaign. Please spread the word about our campaign – every little bit helps us! Your pledge will see our dream of fitting out the Education Centre with interactive and immersive designs come true!

We are grateful to the 49 generous donors who have already pledged their support to our campaign. Together we will build the best education centre in Vietnam!
Release 24 pangolins back into the wild 
On 22nd November 2015, SVW released 24 pangolins back into the wild after 3 months in rehabilitation. To make sure that the pangolins will be safe in their new habitat, SVW collaborated with rangers and other NGOs to ensure law enforcement in the area. Part of this involved SVW conducting an assessment of the current protected status of the forest, the habitat and resources available for released pangolins, and forest protection management in the area. Read more>>> 

2015 has been a successful year of Save Vietnam's Wildlife for pangolin release, comprising 35 Sunda pangolins released in June 2015.
The first captive born pangopup released
Miracle, the baby pangolin born on 23rd May 2015 to a rescued pregnant mother, was released this November with his mother and 22 other pangolins. Miracle was the first of several babies to be born SVW’s rehabilitation centre after their mothers we confiscated, pregnant, from the wildlife trade. Miracle was 2.5 kg when he was released, after growing up in one of our large naturalistic enclosures. Watch the milestone moment when Miracle and his mum returned to the wild, in a video by Peter Yuen who provides professional photography services for animal charities around Asia.
2015 - 142 pangolins rescued so far!
With the recent rescue of another 13 pangolins, SVW has now admitted 142 pangolins to the rehabilitation centre this year! 12 pangolins came from Phu Ly police department, while further single pangolin came to us from the city of Hue.

Hung our Head Wildlife keeper, traveled over 1000km to collect the solo pangolin from Hue after it was confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade by a local police department. Hung shared: “The pangolin has serious injuries to his tail and nose, and sadly he has even lost a foreleg. We are providing him with the best care possible, and will assess his rehabilitation carefully to ensure he can be released to the wild”.

At the moment, our centre is rehabilitating
 32 pangolins. Feeding these pangolins costs us $US 96/day, please donate to feed our pangolins at: SUPPORT US!
Vietnamese and expats learn about pangolins at Wildfest
Sunday, November 8th, 2015 - Save Vietnam’s Wildlife together with other conservation organizations joined WildFest, Vietnam’s first wildlife film and music festival at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. The event attracted about 2000 festivalgoers, our booth attracting a lot of interest from festival goers, keen to learn how they could play their part in wildlife conservation. Read more>>>
Pangolins in the USA
Former SVW volunteer David Pinault presented to the students and staff of Santa Clara University on November 5. In his presentation "Wildlife Trafficking and Animal Conservation in Southeast Asia: The Situation in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.", David spread the word about or work as one of Asia’s preeminent pangolin rehabilitation centers. Thanks, David, for spreading the word!
SVW at Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC) charity bazaar
On November 28, SVW joined HIWC’s annual charity bazaar which attracted thousands of visitors. SVW introduced pangolins to the festival goers, selling pangolin tees and passing out informative postcards. In a sign of support, festival goers used #SayNoToWildlifeProducts and #SaveThePangolin on their social media streams.
The first step on the journey of pangolin conservation
Nguyet Anh is one of 114 dedicated volunteers of the project “Research and Assess the Reality of Pangolin Trade and Consumption in Vietnam”, conducted by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and Humane Society International. As a leader of volunteer in Hanoi team, she supports SVW in interviewing more than 550 Hanoi citizens. She also leads and motivates her team to complete their work. She has completed her tasks with excellent result. Besides, Nguyet Anh always tries her best to spread the word to the community. That goal leads her to win the first prize of the contest “Pangolins and Friends” with the “Journey of Hope”, a hand-written diary in bi-language Vietnamese – English and illustrated with pictures. Read more about her story here.
Research update
8210 social surveys looking into pangolin consumption and trade across the country have now been collected – bringing the data gathering phase of this research closer to an end. Five volunteers including Le Phuong Thuy (Hanoi) , Do Thi Dung (Can Tho), Le Nhat Quynh (Khanh Hoa), and Nguyen Thi Nhat Huyen and Tran Thi Thanh Tam (both from Quang Ninh) traveled to Cuc Phuong National Park to help us process data. We want to say that without the support from these young volunteers, our research could not happen!
Endangered and priority conservation species of wildlife now have a better protection
The Vietnamese congress has just approved both the penal code and criminal procedure of Vietnam, commencing 1st July, 2016. This means criminal caught with pangolins will receive heftier punishment, and rehabilitated pangolins will be able to be released quickly.

According to the penal code, people involved in the illegal hunting or trading of between 1 and 6 pangolins will be punished with a fine between $US 25,000 – 100,000 and/or 1-5 years in prison. Similarly, those found with between 7 and 10 pangolins will receive 5-10 years in prison, while criminals with more than 11 pangolins will receive 10-15 years in prison.  New criminal procedure laws mean government authorities can now make decisions to release confiscated wildlife without waiting for criminal trial. 

SVW has worked with iNGOs including GIG, WCS-Vietnam, WWF-Vietnam, FFI-Vietnam, TRAFFIC-Vietnam, PanNature and other organizations to lobby the senates and law-writers to make these changes. In an effort to place pressure on congress to make these changes, SVW worked with the media to highlight the need for these changes, publishing in TV programs, a magazine, and online journal.
Spread the words to improve law protection for pangolins in United States and International
SVW was invited lead discussions about the challenges of pangolin conservation at United States Fish and Wildlife Service headquarters. In attendance were representatives from CITES, the Endangered Species Act, US Law Enforcement, International Affairs and Public Outreach. We hope it will help to see pangolin species moved onto the US Endangered Species Act and CITES App 1. 
New hammocks for binturongs
Just like us, binturongs have favourite places to sit in their homes. We thought we would surprise our binturongs with new hammocks, perfect for enjoying the cool weather in Cuc Phuong National Park. Although these hammocks are lots of fun, they are an important part of our environmental enrichment programme which keeps our animals mentally healthy, active, and engaged.
Story of Emily the volunteer
“Volunteering at SVW was such a fantastic experience. It was a real privilege to meet the pangolin, not to mention the wonderful and dedicated staff who made me feel so welcome.” Emily Reed, who was volunteer in SVW/CPCP for 2 weeks, shared. Read more her story here.
We would like to say a big thank you to supporters across the globe, without whom we could not carry out our vital operations.
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