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46 Sunda Pangolins Released!

Dear Friends and Supporters, last month we successfully released 46 pangolins back to a secured location. This is the largest number we ever had so far.

Thai, our Executive Director noted: “Due to improved co-operation with enforcement authorities, we are receiving record number of pangolins. But rescue and release is only part of the picture, we must improve enforcement, stop consumption or this precious species will be another Vietnamese species lost to the illegal wildlife trade.”

Thanks to a $100,000 challenge match from a visionary WCN supporter, if you donate to WCN by December 31, 2016 your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar.

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More pangolins – more enclosures

Another 58 Sunda pangolins rescued last month!

This month we received seven pangolins from Ninh Binh, 34 pangolins from Hanoi and 17 pangolins from Nghe An, bringing to a total of 58 pangolins we rescued last month.

12 new enclosures

In order to the keep up with the increasing numbers of rescued pangolins, we have just finished building another quarantine area. This has increased our capacity by 24 more animals.

The pangolins we rescued from Nghe An were the first to experience the new rooms.

More emergency care for confiscated pangolins

We are also continuing our work with the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center (HWRC) – a government run facility and the largest in the North – to assist them with pangolin care by providing food, the expertise of our keepers and also transferring held at HWRC to us.

Mr Hung, our head keepers tried his best to take care of rescued pangolins at HWRC , even the facilities were poor.

The pace keeps getting faster here

On other case, after receiving information from police in Nghe An province, our staff went immediately to take care of 17 confiscated pangolins from illegal trade, while we are waiting for final decision from government for placement options. The lucky pangolins, they are saved now after being kept in the tied bags placed in ice-boxes by traders. Confiscated pangolins are often weak, dehydrated and starvation from staying a long time during transport, they need emergency care to help them to recover while it often take few days to a week to wait for finishing all administration docs to transfer to rescue centres.

All this extra activity is promising but it also has a cost. If we are to continue expanding our care for critically endangered pangolins, we need your help.

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Avocacy and training

Training for 54 government officers

Funded by Change and WildAid, we hosted a two-day training course for government officers last month. The course aims to increase the effectiveness of combating illegal wildlife trade and increase the survival rates of confiscated pangolins.

There were 54 participants including 25 rangers, 21 environmental polices and 8 custom officers and leaders from 13 provinces in the Central and North Vietnam. They received a two-day training in species Identification, threats, wildlife protection laws and enforcement, handling skills and placement options. They also heard moving stories about pangolins and our rescued animals.

The Education Outreach team also provided some group discussions and interactive games. These really helped keeping the classes active.

Illegal Wildlife Trade conference

Last month Hanoi hosted the Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, which brought together global leaders to help eradicate illegal wildlife trade and better protect wild species from the threat of extinction.

We participated in the conference workshops and also staffed an information booth.

Thai and our Education Outreach team also had chance to join Prince William in his efforts to save endangered species while he was attending the conference.

More information of the conference can be found here.

National park and natural reserve meeting

Last month we attended a meeting on Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong Province for over 200 participants including Directors and Vice Directors of 70 National Parks and Reserves in Vietnam, and other organizations. At the meeting, we presented on the issues of illegal hunting, trading, and the rescuing and releasing of confiscated animals. The presentation also highlighted the importance of protecting habitats and recovering threatened wildlife species through the reintroduction programs.

Talking with university students

Last month, our Education Outreach team also join Asian Turtule Program to have a talk with students from Vietnam Forestry University about conservation activities in Vietnam, the challenges we are facing and career development in the field.

Last but not least...

Update from our Chinese Pangolin Research Project

They have now traveled to four provinces and 93 interviews have been conducted so far.

Our research team is currently interviewing locals with expert knowledge of the forest and rangers to gather recent records of the presence of Chinese Pangolins in these locations.

Once completed the team will be able to identify the strongholds of Chinese pangolin and understand the conservation status of Chinese pangolins in Vietnam, which leads to further actions to save this species.

We also got some help

Kudos to Bri Dizzle from US, Sarah and Adrien Herridge from UK. These volunteers shared a lot of the work load with us last month. With the massive amount of pangolins needed to be cared for, we would have had a hard time managing without them.

Read more about the program and maybe you can join us some day.


Thank you!

We would like to shout out to all the supporters and organizations who helped us by donating on November, or spreading good words about our work. We could not make it without you guys!

Organisation Donors

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

Newquay Zoo

Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V

Wildlife Conservation Network

Humane Society International

Taronga Conservation Society

Future For Nature

Synchronicity Earth

The Biodiversity Foundation

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

OAK Foundation

Nashville Zoo

Individual Donors

Louisa Jaskulski - Janet Anderson

Anne Fuller - Stephen Tombs

Sue Mawson - Sheri Costas

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