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This month has seen many of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) staff traveling to meet with colleagues and other wildlife agencies across the world to advocate for our work and raise awareness of pangolins; read on to find out what our team has been up to in the US, Malaysia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
Meanwhile, the rest of our team continues to ensure the smooth running of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation program back in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. Also in this newsletter, news of the progress we have made in securing release for rescued pangolins, and  details of our work with Vietnamese media to raise the profile of the threatened species in our country.

Save Vietnam's Wildlife's Carnivore and Pangolin Education Centre project is on track to ensure the centre is opened by the end of 2015. Our staff is working intensively with the design company to finalise the interior of the centre.
Will you get behind us, and pledging to support the Education Centre's crowd funding campaign? Your funds will directly contribute to the creation of the interactive designs that will encourage visitors to explore wildlife issues in Vietnam.
We are thrilled that so far, 37 supporters having pledged their support! Thank you SO much! It is your support that brings hope to a better future for Vietnam’s wildlife.
Update on rescued pangolins
While final arrangements are being made to release pangolins back to the wild, sadly we have experienced higher mortality rates than normal. Pangolins are incredibly difficult animals to care for in captivity - highly susceptible to stress and often arriving with significant injury and illness, delays in getting permission to release the animals have compounded the difficulties we were already facing. Save Vietnam's Wildlife is not giving up though, and continues to work hard to ensure the remaining pangolins will return to the forest soon.
The weather in Cuc Phuong National Park changes every day, making our work complicated, and we work hard to ensure pangolins are coping. During the cold weather, we offer dried straw in the pangolins’ sleeping boxes to make sure that they are kept warm.
Plan to release recued pangolin
We are planning to release 15 Sunda pangolins (which don't belong to criminal cases) in central Vietnam on November 22, 2015.  Although this is the first time we have released pangolin in central Vietnam, our team has spent considerable time assessing the site to make sure it is a suitable environment and adequately protected. We want to ensure the released pangolins have the very best chance of survival.
The pangolin is introduced to students at University of Montana - USA
Thai also delivered a presentation about the challenges of pangolin conservation was presented to students and staff of University of Montana (UM). This is possibly the first time the pangolin has been incorporated into a presentation at the University of Montana law school. It was a great opportunity for students to understand more about the environmental problems faced world wide. We hope to inspire students around the world to take action to protect wildlife.
Join WCN Expo to introduce pangolins to the US public
Executive Director Thai proudly presented alongside celebrated conservation Jane Goodall, at the Wildlife Conservation Network in San Francisco recently. The pangolin was compared to the scaly anteater in Thai's presentation to encourage Americans to relate to the pangolin. Thai also participated in two wildlife trade panels to let people know the problems of "the most trafficked mammal on earth". The wildlife trade is truly a global issues, and while wildlife products such as pangolins are often destined for countries such as China and Vietnam, pangolin products are also being confiscated within US borders with alarming frequency.
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife also had a table at the Wildlife Conservation Expo 2015. Thanks to generous support of expo visitors, we have raised over $4500USD.
Polish film crew visited the rehabilitation centre for an education project
Polish film crew Banzai, and NGO Salamandra recently visited our centre as part of their campaign to highlight the use of wildlife in trafficking and traditional medicine – this forms part of a nationwide campaign in Poland to raise awareness about threatened species and the impact of people on wildlife. Our Polish supporters will soon we able to enjoy an informative television series covering issues central to Save Vietnam's Wildlife's work - pangolin trafficking, uses in traditional medicine, and most importantly, information on what the European public can do to help our work. Great to see the Polish community get behind our work, in recognition that pangolin trafficking is truly a global issue.
International guests visited the centre
Thanks to the coordination of ENV, about 60 delegates from Operation Game Change, including officers from the US Embassy in Hanoi, Freeland Foundation and students from South Africa and America visited our rehabilitation to learn more about animals and the risks they are facing. The guests were divided into 3 small groups to tour our centre. During the trip, the visitors paid special interest to pangolins and asked us many question about this incredible animal. The delegates also visited the Endangered Primate Rescue centre and the Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park.  
Story of Dung the volunteer
Listen to the story of Dung, our volunteer, and her journey to become one of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s volunteers and her experience of traveling nearly 4000km to be in our rehabilitation centre to help us input data and take care of animals>> Read More
The contest "Pangolins and Friends"
The contest "Pangolins and Friends" continues receiving qualified, creative and inspired submissions. Lyly Ngọc won the third prize of the month with "Happy Halloween with pangolin” handmade bookmarks. Ngoc believed these bookmarks and attached information, as well as drawings of pangolins would be used by many book lovers. The second prize was awarded to Giang Bich Ngan for her moving story sharing her valuable experience from her team in working with SVW on the social research. Nguyen Nguyet Anh won the first prize with the "Journey of Hope"; a hand-written diary illustrated with pictures, and written in both English and Vietnamese. These submissions will be published soon.
Students from HIS school visited the centre
On October 27th and 28th almost 20 students from Hanoi International School visited CPCP. This is the school’s annual activities to learn about environment and conservation at Cuc Phuong National Park. After the trip, the students knew basic information about animals, their risks and conservation activities at CPCP and Cuc Phuong National Park. The students seemed very excited to see pangolins and other carnivores wake up and have meal and asked our staff many questions. We hope these students will be a generation that are strongly interested in protecting the environment
After 3 months working with local people, our volunteers have finished 7950 survey records, which accounts for 96% of the needed interviews. We would like to say thanks to our volunteers, who still spend time for the project even though they are beginning a new semester at school. SVW staff  continue inputting data, continuing with support from the volunteers. The team is trying its best to finish the data input process to provide information for the report about hunting and trading pangolins in Vietnam -  a valuable document for pangolin conservation in Vietnam. 
Working with Tikki Hywood Trust to learn about ground pangolins
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s (SVW) Technical advisor, Heidi recently returned to Vietnam after spending several days with Zimbabwean wildlife rescue group the Tikki Hywood Trust (THT). Although THT looks after a raft of species, some of them rare and lesser known, they are doing truly incredible work in the rehabilitation and release of African ground pangolin. Heidi said “One of the highlights was to be able to accompany the [Tikki Hywood Trust] team on a walk through the African bush, quietly trailing after ground pangolin undergoing rehabilitation. It was amazing to see these rescued pangolins hunting for ants, rolling over rocks, and digging in the soil”. 
This visit follows on from earlier on in the year, where Lisa Hywood from THT visited SVW for several days to observe our work and look at our facilities. As two of the world's preeminent pangolins rehabilitation facilities, visits like this are exceptional opportunities to be able to share experiences and challenges and further strengthen our collective knowledge of conservation of the species.
You can find out more about the Tikki Hywood Trust here:
Sharing about pangolins with the international colleagues
Heidi Quine, our Technical Advisor, attended the ‪APWG conference to work with pangolin conservationists, trade experts, and rehabilitators around the world. From the conference, she shared that:"This kind of event allows invaluable sharing of knowledge about species for which we are still developing an understanding". Thanks to African Pangolin Working Group for organizing such an amazing event for ‪pangolin conservationists!
Media gets involve in the issue of release pangolins
In this month, reporters from famous media agencies in Vietnam, such as VTV, VTC, Vietnam News Agency, Thanh Nien News have visited the centre to learn more about the condition of the rescued pangolins. They interviewed SVW staff to understand how we take care of pangolins and the challenges that we are facing. These reporters also contacted the authority for the solutions to save these pangolins.
Work with government about the release of the rescued pangolins
Regarding the issue of release the rescued pangolins, Vietnam Administration of Forestry and Cuc Phuong National Park organized an interdisciplinary meeting with police force, rangers, people’s procuracies, people’s courts of both Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa province to find out solutions for the issue of release the rescued pangolins. The conclusion of the meeting is that these confiscated pangolins are evidences of criminal cases which are under investigations, therefore, all the confiscated of these criminal cases are not allow releasing back into the wild. Vietnam Administration of Forestry has already sent out official correspondence to specialized agencies to find out solutions for the issue.  
In order to learn about animal welfare and wildlife management from other animal organizations around the world and to raise awareness of the current situation of pangolins in Viet Nam, SVW Technical Advisor, Heidi, attended the Asia For Animals Conference Borneo 2015. At the event, Heidi delivered a presentation of “the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sunda pangolin” which received good feedback and questions from representatives of other regional and international organizations. The conference was incredibly valuable, in terms of introducing SVW within the region and also connecting with the many organizations across our region working hard to protect Asia's animals.

Collecting ant nests for pangolins
Newly rescue pangolins often refuse to eat artificial food, therefore, we have to collect live ants from the buffer zone of Cuc Phuong National Park to encourage them to eat, speeding their recovery. Click read more to learn how the captive management team collect live ants for rescued pangolins.>> Read more
We would like to say a big thank you to supporters across the globe, without whom we could not carry out our vital operations.
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