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Dev Alliance Digest #1

Thank you for your interest in the Alaska Developer Alliance. You're getting this email based on your response to the survey I sent out earlier this spring or I spoke to you in person.

It took me a while to get next steps together but we're making progress! This week I launched which lays out my initial plans for the developer alliance and my thoughts on the ecosystem. In time this site will become:

  1. A resource for developers getting connected in Anchorage.
  2. A place for developers to find and look for jobs / mentors.
  3. A host for community updates and archives of our previous talks


Next, we're going to produce 3 talks this summer with accomplished experts in their domain (Machine, VR, AI, etc). They'll be high level talks that all developers can sink their teeth into.

I need to gauge interest in our first event so we can find the right space to host it. This is a bit chicken or egg as date/time and venue will depend on attendance. Future events will be based on interest from this one and we'll need to know if we're looking at the back room of Sushi & Sushi or the stage at Williwaw. So, please take the event survey below.


Take the Event participation Survey!

Developer Survey Results

I've been saying I would release the results from the developer survey, and I will, but I'm going to provide my full analysis and understanding at our first event :) In the meantime, here is a taste of the findings with a HUGE DISCLAIMER sprinkled in. 

Many of the responses were web developers and while I believe this is the majority of development work being done in the state, we have very low representation from other fields of software development beyond web.

We had 48 responses to this question. Based on conversation within the community I had a feeling that the general sentiment was negative. However, I was very surprised to see that 94% of respondents were dissatisfied with their current position and 75% were very dissatisfied.


What do you believe is the most important element missing in the Alaskan Developer Community?

The general sentiment here was:
  1. Community
  2. Good jobs + benefits
  3. Learning opportunities and career growth / mentorships
  4. Lack of interesting projects

At face value we see negativity, but we've got reason to be hopeful. I've personally spoken to over 30 members of the community including employers, professors, administrators, freelancers, programmers, college students, and high school students. The general sentiment here is that we have no community or interesting jobs. But everyone I spoke to was interested in improving the community and everyone was interested in learning and honing their craft.

A Community Does Exist,

We simply have to agree to participate. This survey captured 76 total responses and hit a very limited number of people in the community. But it affirmed that a community does exist. We have an opportunity to shape and mold the community we want that will support the jobs we want to work. In order to make that happen, I need your input and participation.

If you're interested in helping me make this happen, I would love to have you. Here are my asks:
  1. Fill out the event survey.
  2. Forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested and ask them to:
  3. Sign up for the dev alliance mailing list if you're not on it.
  4. Send an email letting me know how you'd like to help. I'm looking for help with:
    1. managing social media & web
    2. managing event registration + mailing lists
    3. booking event spaces.
Let's create the talent and opportunity that we want!

Jeff Levin
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