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The integration of airspeed sensors is often a moderately complex operation. Check out here how to feed your Jeti RX with airspeed data.

Of course, it is a really good solution to use your own made 8 mm pitot.

How do you use airspeed sensors?

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It’s not common to find out a site so detailed. Lovely UAV ongoing project!

Check out Rapid Control Prototyping website!

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When speaking about meteorology and performance flight Wind estimation is a hot topic. We’ve been informed of the wind tunnel test of a device composed of six single Pitot-Static tubes. Well, that looks terrific! If anyone is testing one similar device please share it with us!

You find the complete PDF by the authors in this link

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We’ve been informed of this paper here that describes a research-oriented use of Basic Air Data GPS Logger application. Of course, we are not able to follow the authors 🙂 However many of you may be interested! Find your complete pdf article in this link.

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Testing out First Mate

We’ve been used to see very different applications of our GPS Logger. This time “The Jeff” used GPS Logger to check the performance of his boat!

Read the whole story on this forum

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Not precisely focused on main Basic air data activites, but yes, we actively support this outstanding 800 mm telescope project!

They are building the whole assembly from scratch, every aspect is covered, from engineering, including dynamic behavior study, to machining. The project includes the use of composite materials.

Find out more on Instagram!

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