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'NOSTALGIC NEWSLETTER'                  May 2015 Issue 2
Ward Philipson Photographic Archive Project - Images of North East Heritage 1770 -1960's.
What a Year…Yes, it is a year ago (April 2014) when we launched our web site thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and many hours of dedicated work by our volunteers. The aim was to increase the number of images on the site by 100 + images every month but we thought this may be a challenge as we were still developing the site, addressing early ‘bugs’ in the system and continuing the scanning and restoration of the glass plates, lantern slides and negatives. Well, we have exceeded our aims and we now have over 3,900 images uploaded for you to view. We hope you are enjoying the collection.
Thank you to the many visitors to our site, which is usually over a 1000 every month. The information which you are adding is so important to help us identify and date the images while adding comments and facts to enhance the collection.
What a Year…. Again, we did not anticipate the number of requests we would have to visit groups and organisations throughout the region. We enjoyed every one; we hope you did if you attended any of them. Until we had the web site our only contact with our ‘Co-opted Researchers’ was at these events. The enthusiasm and feedback at the presentations was really the force which kept us going with the project. Thank you!
During the last 12 months we have visited 60 + groups and organisations with total audience of over 3000 people at venues including Hexham, Alnwick, Richmond, Sunderland, Newcastle and Teesside. It is surprising how many people in the area have memories and facts relating to other parts of the region. They either lived or worked there before moving to their current location. Minds full of information and facts we can now record and share with future generations. Thank you for the hundreds of feedback comments we have received, they are really appreciated. See some of them on the web site.
On the moveWestgate P.A.S.T.  Volunteers have been a great asset to our project and without them life would have been very difficult and an even greater challenge. Despite some volunteers having health problems they have continued with the never ending challenge of scanning, restoring and researching the deteriorating images. The success rate is increasing but the ‘stack’ awaiting work never seems to get smaller. Westgate P.A.S.T. is also on the move to new premises. After 3 years restoring and re equipping an old building a decision had been made to re develop the area. The area is in need of major refurbishment and/or redevelopment but we had hoped it would not take place for another few years. Fortunately an alternative project will incorporate the Westgate P.A.S.T. team and an exciting new development at BLAKELAW LIBRARY will include Westgate P.A.S.T. and an opportunity for more local volunteers to get involved.
Please contact Arthur Frelford on 07811 366248 or visit the new studio to find out how you can help as a volunteer.
An image on Show….One of our main aims is to save and share the Ward Philipson Photographic Images. The collection, owned and part of the John A. Moreels M.B.E. photographic archive, has given a full licence to utilise the collection to help fund the 'Photo Memories Project' for years to come. It will take many years to complete the task, so sustainability funding is an essential element. The support from Organisations after they have viewed some of the unique images has been very much appreciated. National and local companies have utilised images and supported our project. These include B.B.C. Television – Coast, Sting and his production of ‘The Last Ship’ in New York, a Local Care Home with its new dementia gallery and many publications, pubs and hotels.
Web Site Improvements..Thank you for the many positive and complimentary comments about our web site. We have tried to make it user friendly for everyone including ourselves. Most of us are not computer ‘geeks’ and we like everything clear and simple. Our I.T. team are available on request but we believe ‘if it is not broken, don’t try and fix it’. That is why you will not see major changes on our site. However, our visitor numbers increase every week and the site is being accessed from all over the world, mainly by ex-pats. Their knowledge of the images adds to the facts and comments being added. This sometimes means we may have some problems with uploading or slow reaction. We are currently working on this area and hope to improve the re action speed of the image collection. If you come across some ‘site’ problems while accessing the ‘image collection’ please bear with us, we are working on it!
Latest News/Events Diary…
Due to demand we now have five different talks/presentations and will be producing a new talk every year. As we continue to discover new images and the image subjects continue to expand, with new areas/towns being discovered among the images, our presentation team produce a new talk with new images every year. Our 2015 collection is the latest presentation and includes images from all the North East region.
Our 2015 diary is virtually full (full list of venues are available on our web site) and we are now taking bookings for 2016/2017.  
If you or you know of a group who
would like to share and join in our project,please contact:
John or Sheila on 0191 3867297.
Saltburn Pier – the first iron pier in the North, built 1869.
How many times have we been told –‘You should have seen the old Pier!’ on our travels? We see many images of SALTBURN by the SEA, many on our web site, with crowds on the beach. The usual views show part of the old pier which was opened in 1869, restored in 2001 and voted the best pier in Britain in 2009. Until recently many words were spoken about the length and prominence of the old pier. We also heard stories of parents taking their children to Saltburn because there were very few places for children to spend money, they had to play on the beach and walk the pier. Well, we have now found images in the collection of the full length of the old pier – isn’t it magnificent? There are many more on the collections pages of the web site.
We would love to hear your facts and memories. Please add them to the comments box below the images. Thank you!
‘Nostalgic Views of the North’ books now collectors items…
Have you got a copy of book 1 or book 2? or maybe you have both?... Our organisation has sold out of the first two editions and BOOK 3 is now in demand all over the world. We regularly have requests for copies of both books one and two, which are occasionally available through second hand booksellers. If you have copies you would like to pass them on to our supporters and help fund our project, please return them to us, we wlll find them a new home.      
SAVE £3……. SAVE £3……….SAVE £3
LIMITED EDITION Signed copies of BOOK 3 are now available at a special discounted price of £11.95 (post and packing FREE). Full details available on our web site.
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