An Initiatic School in the New Millennium
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An Initiatic School in the New Millennium

Newsletter, October 23, 2015

Initiatic Traditions of the East and West

It is important to realize that the teaching given in the ancient temples in the past was not just theoretical. Initiation was a discipline that concerned intellect, heart, will, spirit, soul, and body. The novices had to show that they were capable of overcoming all the manifestations of their lower nature, their instincts, and their passions.
Through the study of initiatic books and manuscripts I have learned a great deal about these ancient initiations. But I was also able to recapture many memories of my own remote past. It is certainly possible that you may find much of my Teaching in the books of several well-known authors, but the way in which I present it remains my own.

Before leaving the temple and taking leave of their teachers, initiates were sworn not to disclose the secrets that had been revealed to them. So they used myths and parables to obscure the reality while at the same time revealing it. Read more...

The phenomenon that we see today—the ever-growing interest in books dealing with the occult—is not the expression of a need for genuine spirituality, but of a fascination for the unknown, the mysterious, the forbidden. Read this way, such books will not make anybody wiser, better balanced, or purer.

For centuries, mainstream religion has been combating the initiatic tradition which is a mistake. But the present state of affairs—in which the occult sciences are accessible to anyone, however weak, vicious, or malevolent they may be—is not the ideal solution either.

An Initiatic School in the new millennium

The goal of initiation is, first, to awaken the consciousness of disciples to the existence of the higher world; second, to make their physical body a fit dwelling place for the Deity.
This is what we are doing here, in this divine school: we are opening our consciousness to the divine world, and building our inner temple with all the purest materials, so that the Holy Spirit may be drawn to us and dwell within us. I have already spoken to you about your inner temple, your body of glory, and explained how to gather the heavenly particles you need in order to build it.
Many people are seeking spirituality today without the least realization that they have never gained a single victory over themselves. They do not know what initiation is.
Over time human beings lost their power over the elements, and now they have to learn to control their own physical bodies (earth); their feelings (water); their thoughts (air), and their sexual energies (fire). And in our day, the ordeals of initiation no longer take place in a temple, but in the ordinary circumstances of life. It is in our daily living that we are tested by the four elements. Read more...

Towards a Universal Religion

True religion is eternal; it cannot be destroyed. Even though many holy books brought by the great prophets contain elements that are no longer appropriate for our era, they still contain thousands of universal truths that will endure for all eternity. The further you advance, the more clearly you will see that if one of these really was the universal religion, mankind would be better off than it is today.

Hagia Sophia Church, Istanbul
 Hagia Sophia Church, Istanbul

Anyone who wants to find a truly universal religion can do so. It has existed from all eternity. Men have still not recognized it, but it has always been there. Thousands of religions have come and gone in the world—it would be impossible to count them all—and they have all disintegrated and disappeared in the end. But there is one true religion and that religion will never disappear. The new religion will embrace the whole universe. It will be like the sun which illuminates and warms all creatures, all plants and animals; whereas existing religions light and warm just a few million people in the world.

The Age of Aquarius

Now the Aquarian age is coming and bringing the universal religion into the world. Aquarius is the water, the stream of life and love from which all creatures drink, and it brings with it the new religion. Any religion that is incapable of giving mankind this water is not universal. Water is universal; there is not a single creature that does not need water. Water is universal just as air is universal; just as light is universal.
The new religion will be founded on universal truths capable of satisfying the hunger and thirst of all human beings.

At the moment we still see Christians becoming Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims; Jews, Hindus and Muslims becoming Christians, and so on. This means that there is no one religion that is universal. When the universal religion comes no one will feel the need to wander in search of something else; all will belong to the one religion... Read more

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov




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