What happened at Street Life in 2020 (because of your support) 

 Dear Friend, 

Thank you for your support of Street Life Ministries. Through God’s mercy and your financial support, the ministry has continued to grow and reach more homeless people on the streets than ever before. Each week in Redwood City, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto we provide hot meals, warm clothing, and the message of God’s grace and hope. More so than ever before, we are providing transitional assistance, helping people get off the streets and giving them the chance to start a new life. 

We are now in the coldest and wettest time of the year, when our services are most needed and our resources most strained. Please consider sharing God’s love by donating to help those less fortunate than you. 

As we move into 2021 God has given us a clear vision. Street Life is going to create a Homeless to Healthy program that will take someone, from living on the streets to being housed, clean, employed, and fully integrated into society (within six-months). We have noticed a significant number of homeless folks recover from addiction, get into housing, but end up back on the streets a few months later because of unhealthy habits. Things they picked up on the streets do not work well in normal society and these include hoarding, terrible hygiene, and bad friends. We also noticed a direct correlation between time invested in someone and ability to permanently get off the streets. Therefore, we want to do something for these people who need a little extra support to overcome their personal issues. We have homeless folks ready to enroll in this program and we know how to help them.  We just need the resources to do it. Please be in prayer on how you can support this vision; you will hear more about this in the coming year! 

Did you know many employers match donations you make to Street Life Ministries? Some will even match based on hours you spent volunteering. Click HERE for our website to see if your company will double your contributions to Street Life for 2020. 

Finally, I would like to leave you with a short video that shows some of beautiful things that happened this year because of your support (click the video below). 

 God Bless and Merry Christmas, 

David J Shearin 
Pastor/Executive Director at Street Life Ministries 

Short List of Beautiful Things” That happened in 2020
because of your support
Street Life DID NOT miss a single day of service
For 19 years SLM gatherings have built a reputation as the one consistent place the homeless can count on. Whether it is a holiday, a cloudy or rainy day, SLM never varies from the set schedule, giving the homeless a stable option throughout the year. We have been committed to keeping that true, and we are proud to say that remained true even with the unique challenges of this year.
Street Life has a NEW “Mobile Clothing Closet”
We purchased a large van and used it to create a mobile clothing closet and stocked it with all of the supplies we normally distribute at our gatherings. This allowed us to safely continue to provide the important products we give without the people we serve having to come to us and group together. Much more than that however, the mobile clothing closet has greatly increased our reach, allowing us to go into new areas without having to open a new site, and interact with and meet people who might otherwise be unwilling to travel out to our services.
Street Life is now providing masks and EXCELLENT (locally made) to-go food
We also found that the people we serve required new types of assistance during the pandemic. We learned many of the people we served had no reliable access to masks and necessary sanitary products; therefore, we made sure we could provide them. For safety, we switched our food services to being “to-go”, providing foods that people could easily take with them. We also lost our main supplier which is 80% of our food sources and had to quickly find alternative ways to provide for the people we serve.
Street Life is touching around 200% MORE lives than ever before
Despite all these difficulties, this year we saw the number of people coming to our Palo Alto site double, and growth across the board. Redwood City Police officer Jesse Castro said that he has seen homelessness rise in our community “by about two to three hundred percent because of COVID”. A massive amount of those people is coming to us, and we have found ourselves able to help them.
Street Life is launching a “Homeless to Healthy” program in 2021
We have created a multi-faceted six-month program that would be capable of taking thirty people off the street each year. The plan includes:
  • Establish a Street Life facility
  • Take people off the street who we have relationships with
  • Pay to get them in housing
  • Assign a case worker to work with them directly
  • Provide classes to help them conquer addiction and find employment.
With Street Life taking care of their housing and food, they would be able to focus solely on improving themselves and their life, free from many of the distractions and temptations of life on the streets. While many programs provide one of these services, there are very few that provide all of them together. By providing all of the services together as part a singular coherent overarching program, people will not have to fend for themselves after one step.  We believe we can achieve significantly higher completion and retention rates for people in our more holistic program.

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