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February 2020 e-news

Hi Everyone,

This last month it has been amazing to be part of SLM.  I have personally watched three people that I thought would have a very hard time changing their lifestyle not only do so (they are now clean and sober), but also have a new love affair with Jesus Christ.   When things like this happen, I am reminded that it's not about what I think or how hard I work, it is all about God's timing. Let's not forget that Christ is forever moving. This has been a reminder of that fact.

I also want to thank all of you who read this newsletter and pray for our loved ones who live on the streets.


Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.
— Proverbs 19:17

Thank you for your interest in SLM,
Pastor David Shearin

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Back at the RWC Lot. Feels like home. Been a long time, it feels like, since we've been here. In reality, it's been less than a month. Numbers are heading back up, even with it being so cold. I've found that you gotta want this - regardless of comfort or temperature, if you want it to work. You have to BE the change that you want to see. 

Our folks see us every night. They see that we view them being here as important. They see that we care, and that we give them the best we can. Slowly, they realize that they are still worthy of the respect they are shown. Will that help to create change for them in their lives? Only the Good Lord knows for sure, but I choose to believe that it might - even in some small way, as long as we stay committed to them.

It makes me smile, when I see so many volunteers as well. So many folks - young, old, middle-aged, people who seem to share my beliefs about commitment and comfort. It feels awesome. People from all around that are down to serve our folks without judgment. Truly incredible people. 

Here's to the New Year. Here's to 2020. I hope and pray that this year is instrumental in driving the changes so many of us want to see. The war on Homelessness rages on, but at least for a couple hours each night, our 3 locations can offer respite, clothing, and a hot meal to those who live on the front lines. 

We really can be the change we want to see. One meal at a time, one warm jacket at a time.
We really can.
This is a great opportunity for your company to get involved with helping those who live on the streets and for team building within your company.  If you are interested in getting more details on how you can do this, please contact Vicky Lanzone.

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