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July 24, 2019


Hello, and welcome to the quarterly newsletter of New Vision Ministries for the Blind and Challenged! My husband Timothy and I believe that even though we are all disabled by sin, Jesus Christ enables us to do anything according to His will. Thank you for reading our letter, and thank you so much for supporting us as we continue to reach out to others.

Of course, we want to thank all our new subscribers to this newsletter as well! We hope you'll enjoy reading it, and that you'll be inspired by the articles we're sharing with you.

Our move from a house to an apartment went quite well. We only live a few miles away from our old house, so the move wasn't too strenuous for us. We had help from a few of our friends, and we'd like to thank them very much for their services!

About a month before our big move, Tim and I got a call from the public-relations manager at the hospital where we do our volunteer chaplaincy. Would we like to be featured on a podcast about patients' and volunteers' interactions? We sure would! Our episode premiered on May 23 on the Bedside Stories Podcast website. Please feel free to check it out!

Two days before our big move, Tim and I got another phone call that we couldn't believe. The PR manager didn't want to stop with a mere podcast.

Last Sunday, we were interviewed by the Arizona Republic, one of our state's most popular newspapers. Our newspaper article should come out on the Arizona Republic website by July 25, according to the reporter who interviewed us.

What a wonderful blessing from God these 2 great opportunities have been! We pray that God will open new doors for us and for our ministry soon.

Timothy's Christian fiction novel, Captivated, is still coming along nicely. After he adds a few final chapters and paragraphs, he'll be sending the book to me for editing. We have truly been blessed by God as far as this book is concerned. A good friend in our church has volunteered to share editing credit with me for no charge, and we may even be getting cover design help from an art teacher. Tim says that putting this book's final draft together is like assembling a puzzle, but he's really enjoying fleshing out his characters and tying up all the loose ends.

New Vision Entertainment continues to do good business. On several days each month, Timothy and I visit nursing homes in the Maricopa County, AZ area. I play piano, while Tim serves as my lead singer and emcee. Tim will occasionally deliver a short Bible message, so that we can minister to the residents. Based on the reactions of residents and staff alike, we're doing a pretty good job!

If you know about any nursing homes in Maricopa County which could use some great musical entertainment, please let us know about them. If not, we'd really appreciate your prayers for the continued success of New Vision Entertainment. Thank you!

Would you like to join one of our Bible studies? Each weekly study is conducted by telephone on a conference line. A new study takes place each Tuesday at 5:30 PM Arizona time. Our audience currently consists of a few young women from New York, and we go over what the Bible has to teach us about living the Christian life.

Each study session lasts about 1 hour. Next Tuesday we'll be reading Chapter 2 of the book of Mark. We hope you'll join us as we continue to delve into one of the famous gospels of Jesus!

During each Bible study, we read from the Bible for 45 minutes, and then we take prayer requests during the last 15 minutes. We would love to pray about the triumphs and troubles of life with you!

To join our Tuesday night study, all you have to do is call 712-432-6498. Then, after a short message, press 1. When you hear the prompt for live chat rooms, press 31 and then pound. That’s all there is to it! We look forward to your participation, and we'll save a seat just for you!


A Call to Prayer


Each quarter, we'll be featuring different people or things in this section, and we encourage you to pray for them.

First, please pray for the growth of our ministry. Pray that God will guide us as we perform at nursing homes and share God's Word with others. Also, please pray that our website will keep growing, and that people will keep coming back to read more devotions.

Second, we'd like you to pray for our good friends, Michael and Annie. They are a married couple who usually live in the assisted-living facility where we put on church services. Unfortunately, both of them are in poor health. Annie is living in a rehab center for dialysis, and Michael is feeling rather lonely without her. The good news is that Michael recently moved into a nursing facility that's very close to Annie's building, so he can visit his wife easily. Please pray that God will heal both of them soon.

Finally, please pray for my aunt Malou and her family. Malou is fighting cancer, which has spread so much that further treatment won't do any more good. Malou is currently in hospice care, and her family are very sad about her condition. Please pray for all of them during this difficult time in their lives.


The Online Chaplain


Along with our assisted-living and hospital outreaches, we have started something that I would like to ask you to pray about. It is called the Online Chaplain, and it is designed to reach out to those who might never darken the door of a church. People who have spiritual questions and those who are involved in crisis situations may benefit as well. The Online Chaplain is also meant to support the body of Christ in general.

If you have recently gone through the pain of a great loss, or you just need to talk with someone, I hope that you will feel free to let me know. People who contact me can give as much or as little information as they like. Everything that we discuss will remain confidential.

You can contact me, Timothy, by calling 507.369.6861, or by sending an email to Thank you!


Finally, we hope you'll enjoy our latest article!


"God's Cowgirl", by Tim and Stephanie Burdick


While we wrestle with freeways and rush-hour traffic in our modern world, the horse is still entrenched in our culture. Just take a minute and picture a man riding off into the sunset, or a cowboy who rides into a little frontier town for the first time. If you say scenes where the horse was so prevalent only belonged to the past, however, wait a minute. You haven't met God's cowgirl yet. So, let me introduce you to Deborah Lindsey, located on 200 acres in Prescott, Arizona.

Deborah raises horses on Hallelujah Horse Ranch. But what might appear to be an easy life has truly been a courageous walk of faith.

It all started when her alcoholic mother dropped her off at church one day. "I was in Sunday school at age 15, completely ignoring the teacher, when all of a sudden I had a vision," she explained. Her vision consisted of four main goals: "I'd get a horse, she'd have a baby, there'd be a lot of money, and I'd be able to work with Christians and horses and children."

At the time, Deborah was living in a small apartment in the heart of Orange County, California, and she was faced with many obstacles. Her family were burdened by alcoholism and sickness, among other things. And of course, horses need a proper stable, not a small apartment. How would she find the money and space to accomplish her dream of owning horses?

For these reasons and many others, God's vision seemed almost impossible, but it still felt very real to her and it never left her mind, no matter how unlikely it seemed. "I just knew that I knew that I knew God had something in store," Deborah confidently affirmed.

God began proving His faithfulness when a woman mysteriously showed up at Deborah's 16th birthday party and handed her a card. "Happy birthday!" it read. "The name of your horse is Lady."

As you might expect, Deborah was totally floored by this amazing birthday present. In the end, Lady was deemed too small for Deborah, so the would-be horse rancher finally picked out a 4-year-old palomino.

Mrs. Lindsey's horse was stabled at the Orange County fairgroundsi in a wooden stall. Deborah would feed and care for her horse each day, and as it turned out, the fairgrounds were across the street from a high school.

As time went on, people began accusing Deborah of ruining her horse. She had decided to walk the increasingly fat horse around the grounds and put it through jumps without riding it herself. Deborah isn't ashamed of that period in her life, however. "The Lord honored that time so much," she related. "I learned to read horses. The Lord downloaded into me what horses are thinking."

Thanks to a loan, Deborah's parents bought half an acre of land that was closer to the Lindsey home. One day, when Deborah entered the stall, there was a baby by her horse's side. Two of the goals of God's vision had come true!

What had once been thought of as chubbiness was actually a foal growing inside the palomino. If Deborah had ridden her horse and forced her to slim down, the mother horse would have lost her baby. "All these things worked together for good," Deborah affirms. "God was so present in that whole thing."

True to His vision, God has given Deborah horses, and so much more besides. For example, when she was told she would have to leave the 10 acres she eventually came to raise her horses upon, God miraculously provided 200 more acres on a ranch in Prescott, which later became known as Hallelujah Horse Ranch. Here she helps foster children who need a hand, and Christians who can benefit from this atmosphere--and make a few new animal friends.

I’d like to share a story with you, and tell you how her ranch was a blessing to us personally. My wife Stephanie and I visited Prescott during our 5-year anniversary, and our meeting with Deborah was a special surprise I planned months in advance. From the beginning, I could tell Mrs. Lindsey was fun and talkative, but she was also quite sensitive to the emotions of others. I could also sense her deep Christian faith, and her desire to help others.

Stephanie and I very much enjoyed meeting all the horses at Hallelujah Horse Ranch. Stephanie loved the quiet patience of the horses, and she enjoyed petting them and feeling the softness of their fur. Her favorite horse was baby Arena de la Luna, the first horse we met during our adventure. While most of the other horses were content to stand relatively still and allow us to pet them, Arena was quite energetic. She really loved walking back and forth, and she almost knocked us over a few times when she bumped into us. (Deborah said baby horses love to run into each other while they're playing.)

Towards the end of our morning at the ranch, we got to take a ride around the ranch in a pick-up truck. The ride definitely ended too soon and it could have been a bit faster, but we still enjoyed it.

As the grand finale, we got to pet Turkle, a large turkey. Deborah said he loves to show off by ruffling his great mass of tail feathers. Turkle's feathers made him very soft to touch, and he loved snuggling up in our arms.

Deborah Lindsey is truly a wonderful person. Despite the odds, she has held onto the vision God gave her at 15, and her desire to help others and give them unforgettable experiences is an inspiration to us. She hopes and prays that God's grace, distributed to others by her gentle and affectionate horses, will inspire and uplift everyone who visits Hallelujah Horse Ranch. Stephanie certainly enjoyed our visit, and we really hope we can visit Deborah and her horses again next time we visit Prescott.


And on that note, our latest newsletter comes to a close. Once again, don't forget to check out our devotions at whenever you need some spiritual encouragement.

We would love to hear from you. This is your ministry, and we want you to share with us how we can improve. If you have any questions, please call 507-369-6861, or write to us at (my email) or (Timothy's email).

We pray that you will have a wonderful final month of summer! Thank you for reading this!


God Bless,

Stephanie and Timothy Burdick


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