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A very good friend brought something to my attention about the newsletter I sent out last night. A couple things from December’s letter snuck into this one, and somehow I missed them. To make up for this, here’s my corrected version. Thanks for understanding!!


New Vision News

April 5, 2019


Hello, and welcome to the newsletter of New Vision Ministries for the Blind and Challenged! My husband Timothy and I believe that even though we are all disabled by sin, Jesus Christ enables us to do anything according to His will. Thank you for reading our quarterly letter, and thank you so much for supporting us as we continue to reach out to others.

Of course, we want to thank all our new subscribers to this newsletter as well! We hope you'll enjoy reading it, and that you'll be inspired by the articles we're sharing with you.

They say that change is a constant everywhere--except from vending machines, of course! We'll be moving from a house into an apartment at the end of May. We're glad we could get this newsletter out to you before moving day!

Timothy's Christian novel, "Captivated", is in the editing stage now. Timothy and I will keep running our proverbial irons over it until all the wrinkles are out of this book! Then we'll either publish it as an e-book or a paperback copy or both. We haven't decided on that part yet. We hope "Captivated" will inspire and entertain you once it's been published!

Our affiliation with Joni and Friends did not work out, so we're concentrating all our attention on our nursing-home ministry. New Vision Entertainment continues to do good business. On several days each month, Timothy and I visit nursing homes in the Maricopa County, AZ area. I play piano, while Tim serves as my emcee. Tim will occasionally deliver a short Bible message, so that we can minister to the residents. Based on the reactions of residents and staff alike, we're doing a pretty good job! This Halloween we'll be holding a party and dressing up like Fred and Wilma Flintstone. We can't wait!

If you know about any nursing homes in Maricopa County which could use some great musical entertainment, please let us know about them. If not, we'd really appreciate your prayers for the continued success of New Vision Entertainment. Thank you!

Would you like to join one of our Bible studies? Each weekly study is conducted by telephone on a conference line. A new study takes place each Tuesday at 5:30 PM Arizona time. Our audience currently consists of a few young women from New York, and we go over what the Bible has to teach us about living the Christian life.

Each study session lasts about 1 hour. Next Tuesday we'll be reading Chapters 15 and 16 of the book of Revelation. We hope you'll join us as we continue to delve into this very interesting book!

During each Bible study, we read from the Bible for 45 minutes, and then we take prayer requests during the last 15 minutes. We would love to pray about the triumphs and troubles of life with you!

To join our Tuesday night study, all you have to do is call 712-432-6498. Then, after a short message, press 1. When you hear the prompt for live chat rooms, press 31. That’s all there is to it! We look forward to your participation, and we'll save a seat just for you!


A Call to Prayer


Each quarter, we'll be featuring different people or things in this section, and we encourage you to pray for them.

First, please pray for the growth of our ministry. Pray that God will guide us as we perform at nursing homes and share God's Word with others.

Second, we'd like you to pray for our good friends, Michael and Annie. They are a married couple who usually live in the assisted-living facility where we put on church services. Unfortunately, both of them are in poor health. Annie is living in a rehab center for dialysis, and Michael is feeling rather lonely without her. Please pray that God will heal both of them soon.

Please pray that our website will keep growing, and that people will keep coming back to read more devotions.

Finally, we'd love it  if you would pray about our upcoming move. Please pray that everything will go smoothly. Thanks to God, my parents and several volunteers from our church are helping us out as well, so hopefully the move will go according to plan.


The Online Chaplain


Along with our assisted-living and hospital outreaches, we have started something that I would like to ask you to pray about. It is called the Online Chaplain, and it is designed to reach out to those who might never darken the door of a church. People who have spiritual questions and those who are involved in crisis situations may benefit as well. The Online Chaplain is also meant to support the body of Christ in general.

If you have recently gone through the pain of a great loss, or you just need to talk with someone, I hope that you will feel free to let me know. People who contact me can give as much or as little information as they like. Everything that we discuss will remain confidential.

You can contact me by calling 507.369.6861, or by sending an email to Thank you!


Finally, we hope you'll enjoy Timothy's latest article!


When it comes to church history, one of my favorite characters is Dwight "D." L. Moody. I have found him to be both inspiring and motivating.

First I would like to tell you some facts about him, and then I will give you some of my own observations. Lastly, I will draw some conclusions about him. I hope his life will challenge all of you like it has me.

Moody was born in Northfield, Massachusetts, in 1837. His father was a Unitarian bricklayer. He died when Dwight was 4, leaving nine children for his mother, Betsey, to raise. His mother never encouraged Dwight to read the Bible, and he only acquired the equivalent of a fifth-grade education.

Dwight struck out on his own at age 17 and sold shoes in his uncle's Boston store. He also attended YMCA and Sunday school classes, where he became a Christian at age 18. Shortly after that, he moved to Chicago, where he sold more shoes and worked toward his goal of amassing a fortune of $100,000.

It slowly dawned on Moody that, in light of his new faith, his life should not be spent on accumulating wealth as much as on helping the poor. In 1858 he established a mission Sunday school at North Market Hall in a slum of Chicago. It soon blossomed into a church, from which the Illinois Street Independent Church was eventually formed. (We now know this building as the Moody Memorial Church.)

Moody spent the majority of his life concentrating on social and evangelistic work. He died in 1899, and the Christian church is richer because of his example.

The first thing that struck me was Moody’s devotional life. While devotion is a regular part of my day now, I have to confess that this morning routine took many years to implement. Moody spoke of memorizing a scripture every day, and memorization of scripture is something I need to work harder on.

In any case, I hope Moody’s words remind us all how precious the Word of God is. I have read about persecuted Christians who treasure the Bible in spite of everything they're going through, and give their lives in order to study it.

Moody didn’t hold the majority of his meetings in church buildings. Instead, he went out to meet with the people. Although he faithfully stuck to the gospel message, he was also concerned with social needs. Many people have spoken against the church's involvement in social programs, in reaction to the social gospel.

While I understand this, I believe Moody’s work shows that the pure message can be proclaimed without any social programs diluting it. I believe that the church as a whole should take a fresh look at where we stand, as the Bible admonishes us to have a heart for the poor.

Lastly, I want to revisit what I said about Moody not using buildings while he was preaching. When I look at his life, I think that we need to adopt more creative stratigies, in order to reach the people where they are.

In the end, all of this boils down to love. We are told we can do many wonderful things, but without love they add up to a big zero. Let’s all take a good look at this man, and ask Jesus to open our eyes to the world around us.


And on that note, our latest newsletter comes to a close. Once again, don't forget to check out our devotions at whenever you need some spiritual encouragement.

We would love to hear from you. This is your ministry, and we want you to share with us how we can improve. If you have any questions, please call 507-369-6861, or write to us at (my email) or (Timothy's email).

We pray that you will have a wonderful summer! Thank you for reading this!


God Bless,

Stephanie and Timothy Burdick


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