Interesting things to do. February 12, 2016.
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A Note From the Chair

As North Shore ElderCollege Society is registered as a Not for Profit Organization, we must conform with the rules and regulations of the BC Societies Act. Over the past several months, we have complied with the rules to develop a set of Bylaws and a Constitution by which ElderCollege will operate. Additionally, BC is implementing a new Societies Act which is about to come into force, and some revisions to these government documents will be required.
One of the regulations with which we must comply is to provide members with access to the ElderCollege Constitution and Bylaws, and therefore these have been posted for all to read on our Governance webpage. Please become familiar with the rules and regulations as they will help to explain why and what we do on occasion in order to be in compliance with the Act. Further information on the pending updates will be communicated to ElderCollege members in the coming months. ~Ed

Bard on the Beach Bound

“Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not make us soft."

Would you like to know from which of Shakespeare's plays this quote is taken? Join us on this special and very popular week-long series with the 2016 Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival!
Bard's Director of Education, Mary Hartman, will give a lively, engaging introduction to Shakespeare and to the four plays in the 2016 season. Find the fun in the Merry Wives of Windsor, the consuming passion of Romeo and Juliet, the heartbreaking beauty of Othello, and the epic adventures of Pericles.

Mary's enthusiasm is infectious and her insights illuminating. This is a great way to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the end of Shakespeare's life and the beginning of his inspiring legacy.

As a special bonus, the course fee includes admission to one play of your choice!
Register for Bard on the Beach Bound

We Need You!

We are well into the planning for a jam-packed Fall term, and need your help as a volunteer. We have lots of ways that you can help with jobs big and small. Maybe you are good with technology and want to help register people during Open House, or help deliver brochures to community locations, or maybe you'd like to learn about the fun you'll have as a facilitator. If you want to help, we'd love to hear from you!

From our Roving Reporter

Bird Walks at Maplewood Flats

"Naturalist extraordinaire!” were Pat Lefroy’s words to describe Kevin Bell, a VERY knowledgeable naturalist, who leads the ElderCollege Bird Walkers at Maplewood Flats each spring. Pat, like many of her fellow bird walkers, has returned to the Bird Walks class several times. One need not be a serious birder to participate or to enjoy it - many novices abound.

Birds are not the only things Bell teaches us about, often with humour.

He also imparts his seemingly endless knowledge of the flora and fauna of Maplewood Flats, the history of the site, his expertise on binoculars, and sometimes lets us in on some unusual and deviant bird behavior– information not likely found in run-of-the-mill bird books. Along with facilitator, Allan Orr, a knowledgeable birder himself, we are well-informed. But, as Pat pointed out, the enjoyment of the course goes beyond this - the fresh air; the peaceful, pleasant walks; the camaraderie and sharing of information between the participants - all enhance the day.

Indeed, it is Pat’s sketchbook journalism that many of us also look forward to each week. What has she drawn from last week’s session? Come and see for yourself! The class begins April 1st and there’s still space.    ~Midge

TED Talks – What’s it All About?
Does technology make aging easier or better?  Is it a burden or a benefit?  What about the use of surveillance and its impact on confidentiality – safety versus privacy?  Do on-line websites, which purport to increase memory and cognitive function, really work?  In TED Talks: Aging in Place with New Technology these critical questions and more will be explored and discussed in three sessions beginning February 29th.

The views expressed in a short TED Talks lecture will be challenged by differing viewpoints presented by a panel of local experts in the field of gerontology and aging. These videos are produced from a conference held by SFU’s Gerontology Research Centre in 2015. Local, topical and challenging! Come ready to stimulate the little grey cells and share your thoughts and ideas in these engaging, interactive sessions. ~Midge
It’s Time to Go Walking
Have you ever regretted going for a walk?  Regardless of the weather, one can only feel refreshed and invigorated after getting out in the elements.  In these dark, damp days of winter, we can always find excuses for not going outdoors but when we get “out there”,  not only do we feel proud of ourselves but our bodies thank us by restoring energy, burning calories, improving sleep and sharpening mental acuity – just a few of the benefits of a good walk.  Here on the North Shore, we have so many beautiful trails at our doorstep!

So procrastinate no longer ... Elder College has several courses to keep you in good health while enjoying the companionship of fellow walkers/hikers (some, I understand, have had knee and hip replacements!) and learning new things too. Still to come are:

  • Introduction to Nordic Walking (March 1st)
  • Introduction to Snowshoeing Term 2 (March 2nd)
  • Introduction to Hiking (March 3rd), and
  • Birdwalks at Maplewood (April 1st).

There’s no excuse to stay indoors this winter!  Come out and enjoy a walk with other like-minded souls.  ~Midge

The quote is from Pericles. Register now for our popular Bard on the Beach Bound and learn more about this masterful piece.
Just a few spaces left ...
Snowshoeing Term 2
Gourmet Trends & Sustainability
Hands on with your iPad 2
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Thank you to PARC Retirement Living for their generous donation of community classroom space, allowing both our organizations to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual well-being of the local community.
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