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A Note From The Chair
Hello fellow ElderCollege learners.  We are now just a few short weeks away for our ElderCollege starting, but it is also Hannukah and Christmas and time for family.
I am reminded of the great seasonal movie with Jimmy Stewart, It’s A Wonderful Life. As Christmas approaches, George (Stewart) sees his Building and Loan company get into financial difficulty. George gives $8,000 to his Uncle Billy to take to Mr Potter who holds the note on George’s company and threatens to close it down, but the money is lost, Potter finds it and says nothing. Forlorn, George goes to the tavern for a few drinks and wanders in the snowy night deciding the best way out is to end his life rather than face his family and friends. As he attempts that fate he meets Clarence, an angel who has yet to receive his wings. Clarence shows George what life would be like in the town of Bedford without him.  George realizes his error and begs Clarence for life, and it is granted. At the eleventh hour George receives a financial advance to save the company. And Clarence gets his wings as daughter Zulu hears the little bell on their Christmas tree ring and notes: “every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings”.

I trust all our learners will have a happy healthy festive season and find a spot in your hearts to support those less fortunate that us. And, if you have anything left over to give, our Society would be very appreciative of a small gift made through our website donation page.

Ed Kry
Founding Chair, North Shore ElderCollege Society
Registration Opens January 4
It's Time to Get Busy!
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Find the Information You Need

Our website ( is the main source of information for everything ElderCollege! It is public and you don't need an account. It should always be your first place to go to find what you need:

  • details on courses and schedules
  • important news
  • links to the registration system
  • past editions of our eNewsletters in the blog
  • getting in touch with us.
Our registration system (click on any blue Register button on our website to be redirected) is the place to go when you want to sign up for a course. It's a secure website that processes payments, so you must have an account to use this system and it is self-managed (this means you have control over your own account).

Our eNewsletters will be published periodically to provide information about important events, scheduling, opportunities, and news. Anybody can subscribe and it too is self-managed. Past issues are on our blog page.
Open House
January 7, 9-11 am, Silver Harbour Centre

A Quick Q&A: How to Register for Our Courses

Q: What steps should I take to register for a course?
A: Create an account
today, then on registration day (January 4):
  1. Log-in to your account
  2. Pick the courses you want
  3. Check-out and pay
Q: Why should I register online?
A: North Shore ElderCollege doesn't have a permanent office location or full-time staff, so to keep our costs down (and this means lower course prices!!), we selected an online registration system so that customers can serve themselves. It is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way for us to serve our customers.

Q: What if I can't register online, or really struggle with technology?
A: Maybe you have a friend or family member who can help you with this process. The beauty of an online system is that you can access it from any computer at any time of day. You can also call us for help or send an email, or come and visit us at Open House and we can help you.

Q: When exactly can I register?
A:  On January 4 at 6:00 am, the registration system will be available for online registrations. You can log-in from any computer anywhere in the world. If you want to register by phone, you can call from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm starting on January 4. You can also come to the Open House on January 7 (9-11am at Silver Harbour Centre) and we can help you to register in person.

Q: What if a course I want to attend is full?
A: We have set up waitlists for all of our courses that you can join if you wish, and when a space becomes available, you will receive an email inviting you to register (on a first-come basis). Some of our classes also have drop-in spaces available, and you register to attend one session by registering a week in advance.

Q: How will I be able to pay for courses?
A: We have three options available. Our preferred option (to keep our costs low) is for you to send us a cheque. You will also be able to pay online using direct debit (eCheque), which is our next preferred option, and also by credit card (the most expensive processing fees, so our least preferred option).

Q: What if I am still unsure about what to do or expect when I want to register?
A: The first thing you should do is to create an account in the registration system. This will ensure that you are set-up and ready to go on registration day and that you have had time to work out any of the technology "wrinkles" that might come up. It also allows you to see the system and become a little familiar with it. If you are still unsure and want to talk through the steps, give us a call!
The Gift of Learning
Only available until December 20

Order a gift certificate for that special somebody through our online store. You will receive a pretty emailed certificate with a promotion code that can be redeemed for a course. The lucky recipient of a Gift of Learning certificate simply types in the promotion code at check-out, and the value is applied to the purchase. Easy!

Membership in ElderCollege

Membership is an important part of not-for-profit societies, and as such, ElderCollege will have a modest annual membership fee. For the period January 1 to June 30, 2016, membership will be $10 and then will switch to an annual membership of $20. Members will be entitled to vote at annual and special meetings. Membership will be added to your course selections in the registration system, so no special steps are required until then.

Ready to Take a Closer Look?
We've updated our website with the prices and schedule for our Spring 2016 term.

The registration system does not yet show this information (we want to make sure it's 100% correct!), but will be available to view soon.


Schedule Page Now Added

We've now added a Schedule page to our website so you can see the great selection of courses available Monday through Saturday.

There are two options to view the schedule:
  1. A downloadable and printable summary
  2. A full calendar with all the details. Use the arrows to navigate the timeframe, change the view to show Week or Month, and print if you wish. Click on an entry for full details, and there is an option to add the content to your personal calendar.
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Thank you to PARC Retirement Living for their generous donation of community classroom space, allowing both our organizations to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual well-being of the local community.

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