Sharing Thoughts. March 13, 2016.
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A Note From the Chair

As we age, we have learned that a healthy diet and exercise helps to reduce the onset of many diseases and conditions.  Keeping our blood pressure on target, cholesterol in line, and being physically fit with a healthy diet helps us have healthy productive lives, regardless of age.

More recently we are learning that exercising our brain is also beneficial to our good health.  The National Institute on Aging states: “Staying cognitively active throughout life—via social engage­ment or intellectual stimulation—is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Several observational studies link continued cognitive health with social engagement through work, volunteering, or living with someone. Mentally stimulating activities such as reading books and magazines, going to lectures, and playing games are also linked to keeping the mind sharp.”

And that is one of the benefits of ElderCollege - social engagement and mentally stimulating activities such as going to lectures.  We are well on the way towards finalizing our Fall 2016 program.  We hope you are prepared to come learn with us and keep “mind sharp” by attending ElderCollege classes.
~ Ed

Thank You Volunteers!!

Voltaire said: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”  Over the last few eNewsletter issues we have been asking for volunteers to help shape and deliver ElderCollege courses.  To those who have offered to help us continue to build ElderCollege, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Course Planning Committee:  thank you!
~ Ed

PS: New volunteers are always welcome

Plan Your Learning "Staycation"

With the exchange rate being what it is, you might be looking for ideas for an affordable but interesting "staycation". Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

"There are many events in the womb of time which will be delivered" *

Share Your Thoughts

We really do want to know what you think. Only a few people have participated in our survey about the types of courses you want us to offer.

Help us to plan for the future - take a minute to complete our one question survey now.

Starting Tomorrow
A Day in the Life Speaker Series 2 starts tomorrow. This course has a diverse range of offerings.

Do you have questions about our Bard on the Beach Bound course? Register and attend tomorrow's Day in the Life to learn more directly from Mary Hartman, Bard's Director of Education. Come and hear what the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce has planned for our community. Sam Solis, celebrity florist, will entertain you with his engaging stories and creativity. The Suzuki Elders have an enlightening double presentation planned on the subject of food security.

Register for the whole course or for drop-in classes.

"really interesting" "great speakers" "quality presentations" "love the variety" ... just a few thoughts shared from A Day in the Life Speaker Series 1.

From Othello, one of Shakespeare's plays in this year's Bard on the Beach festival.

A Day in the Life Series 2
Bard on the Beach Bound
Bird Walks at Maplewood Flats
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ElderCollege Gallery
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Thank you to PARC Retirement Living for their generous donation of community classroom space, allowing both our organizations to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual well-being of the local community.
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