School's out for summer. June 24.
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Summer Hours

The volunteers who work during the year to bring ElderCollege to life are taking the summer off, starting in mid-July. The phone and email will be unmonitored for several weeks, but our website is always open for business.

So what does this mean for the start-up of classes in September? You can expect an eNewsletter, with everything you need to know to register for Fall, to arrive in your inbox sometime soon.

In the meantime, keep spreading the news about ElderCollege with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, alumnists, professional networks, etc., and help us to keep on growing. Interested people can subscribe to our eNewsletter anytime (click here to subscribe). 

Forward (this eNewsletter). Share (on Facebook). Chat (with your friends). Invite (someone to attend a class with you). ~Kate (yup, that's me in the floppy hat!)

Registration Opens
Tuesday September 6, 9 am

A Note From the Chair

"School’s out for summer … no more pencils, no more books…”   Alice Cooper, 1972
Yes, school is out for summer – but the work continues behind the scenes to make our Fall program even more exciting than Spring 2016.  Looking back, we can all give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back.  When Kate and I first got together and said to each other “yes, we can”, it turned out to be a bigger success than either of us envisioned for our start up.  Thank you to our Board for guidance and especially Lorry for keeping our budget on track, and Janine for re-organizing our Course Planning Committee and creating the ElderCollege sessions that we all enjoy.  And finally, thank you to all who volunteered to facilitate, and all who attended classes because, without you, the rooms would be empty.
So now it's time to sit back in your garden or patio, sip a beverage, crank up the barbeque, and think “what classes do I want to sign up for in the Fall?”, and “what friends should I tell about ElderCollege?”  (I say all of them!)  Keep watching our website for news and your email for our newsletters.  Summer will slip by faster that we think, so mark your calendar now for Registration Day and Open House. ~ Ed

Open House
Thursday September 8

From Forester to "Florester" - Almost Overnight

“Everybody is a florist,” according to Sam of Sam Solis Florist on Lonsdale Avenue.  When Sam arrived in Canada in 1993, a father, husband and unemployed forester, he quickly learned that he certainly was one.  Needing work, he applied for a position as a florist’s assistant, believing he would be sweeping up cuttings and doing the “heavy lifting” in the shop. 

The owner had other plans and presented him with a bunch of fresh flowers and asked Sam to show him what he could do.  Given that seven years later, Sam was running his own florist shop, proves he must have come up with something quite special on that interview day.

Today, Sam runs a very successful one-man operation.  Starting his day at 4 AM to get to the flower auction, he selects the best for his clients which include such notables as the Rocky Mountaineer, Paul McCartney and the Canucks’ wives. As well, his floral arrangements can be seen in local and international films and TV productions such as The X-Files, The Pink Panther, Bachelor Canada and many, many weddings.  Amazingly, his business is acquired almost entirely by word of mouth and I’m sure his humour and enthusiastic spirit play a big part. 

Sam presented his wonderful talents and tips to the delight of participants in a Spring session of the Day in a Life Series.  Did you know tulips can increase their height by ½ inch a day and that artificial flowers have a much more interesting name - “permanent botanicals”? Clearly Sam is well out of the woods now!   ~ Midge

Did You Miss Out?

We are really excited about the wonderful group of speakers who will be joining us this Fall!! A Day in the Life course offers participants a way explore the many careers and adventures of some local Vancouverites.  Register early to avoid disappointment!

ElderCollege on TV

Thank you to Lois Tomlinson, our WONDERFUL Nordic Walking, Snowshoeing and Hiking instructor, and the participants in a recent Nordic Walking session. Shaw TV came and filmed them, and the segment was aired on local television.  Click here for the segment to watch and see how much fun they had!

Join Lois for Nordic Walking and Introduction to Hiking this Fall

Forces of Nature: Howe Sound Bus Trip Highlights

To quote one participant in his reaction to our first bus trip, he said simply, "It was marvellous! When's the next one?".

Thank you to Lindsay Bottomer for putting together a fascinating itinerary, chock-a-block full of insights and interesting stops along the way, including Eagle Ridge, Porteau Cove, Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls.  Thank you too to Don and Barry for bringing their complementary expertise and for helping to ensure a positive experience for participants.

Interestingly, some of our participants, having lived here for many years, had only ever driven past these locations, and thoroughly enjoyed the new perspectives they gained.

There were many suggestions made for additional trips, so stay tuned!

But we LOVE superheros!
We know that our volunteers are very special people, and without them, nothing we do would be possible. No job is too small, and every effort is appreciated. If you want to see how your special powers can help us, we'd love to meet you. Come along to a meeting, stop by Open House or click here to set up a chat (...superhero cape optional!).
A Course of a Different Colour
For those of you who have met Ed Kry, you will know that he has a bent for unusual stories and loves to tell them.  You will not be disappointed, I’m sure, to learn what he has in store for you in his course – Hysterical History – one of the courses in Elder College’s fall line-up.  Intrigued by the title, I met with him to learn more. 

He was keeping his cards close to his vest but I did learn that he listens to podcasts in the wee hours of the night and often gets his inspiration there.

One such source is from the Canadian broadcaster and producer, Terry O’Reilly, best known for his intriguing CBC series, Under the Influence.  Another is from Steve Silverman’s Useless Information website which Steve himself describes as “not really useless, just obscure.” 

Away with an idea Ed runs, spending many hours of research and finding photographs to enhance his presentation.  An American Vice-President who had a camel driver??  A gas station owner becomes a colonel and makes a fortune with drumsticks?  Obscure but fascinating.  You’ll have to come to his class to find out about Ed’s “hysterical people”.  It sounds like great fun!  ~Midge

Blueridge Good Neighbours Day
We got to try out our snazzy new tent on June 5 at the Blueridge Good Neighbours Day. It was hot and sunny, with lots of people, activities, and fun. 

We enjoyed meeting the many people who stopped by to learn more about ElderCollege, and we hope to see all of you in class this September!

(Gayle, Ed & Kate)
What do 3-D printing, mandatory sentences, cartooning, reproductive tourism, Zambia, and the Magna Carta have in common?

They are all topics this Fall!

Stay tuned for full details on all of our courses, coming soon.

(... and tell your friends!)
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Thank you to PARC Retirement Living for their generous donation of community classroom space, allowing both our organizations to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual well-being of the local community.
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