Wishing a Happy New Year to our furry fans and their families!
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Howdy, how're you going?

We made it through the Christmas rush (just) and had an awesome year last year. Winning the Canstar Blue award for Pet Food in NZ was the highlight for our team. The factory was busy in the weeks leading up to and including Christmas - they even needed me on the floor packing pottles of Jimbo's which is the first time in a few years! Jimbo's Purrrfect Pressie Turkey & Duck Christmas Feast was a hit with 20,000 packs sold going into holiday season, so we hope your cats enjoyed it.

The wrapping and subsequent unwrapping of presents at Christmas in my house is always a cause for entertainment. Poppy the dog is an active and willing participant, and seems to know that somewhere under the tree there will be something with her name on it. This year on the Big Morning she actually decided to play Santa by being the first to drag a gift from under the tree. Predictably, she couldn’t read the label so decided it was hers, and we had to rescue the gift before it was unfurled. From there, one of my girls jumped in and administered the gifts under the watchful eye of Poppy. When her first gift was handed over it was diligently and carefully stripped of paper, inspected and found to be a rubber Santa - and lucky us, it squeaked. I’m not sure what it is but some dogs seem to delight in a squeaky toy and the noise that ensued meant Santa didn’t gain immediate popularity with the peoples of the household. That said, the dog was most enthused and rushed up to everyone squeaking her Santa and pushing it into our hands as if to say "Look! See what I got, see what I got!" Needless to say, Santa was wrestled off Poppy, tossed out the window and she was distracted by chasing rolled-up balls of wrapping which were dutifully placed between her paws and shredded until she established there was nothing inside and moved on.

As is often the case with noisy toys, Santa made it back into the house amid a cacophony of squeaks and tail wags and I am happy to report lasted significantly longer than his predecessors, and Poppy the dog had a most excellent Christmas day thank you very much.

Santa, the end is nigh.
A Very Merry Jimbo's Christmas!

Over the Christmas season we heard from many happy customers who were excited about our Purrrfect Pressie and the festively wrapped Beef & Lamb being back on shelves. To celebrate, we ran a competition and asked you to send us photos of your pets enjoying our Christmas products. Our favourite cat and dog photo each received a Jimbo's goody pack worth over $50, and our runners up got prizes too! (See if you can spot the bonus entry.) Congratulations to all of our prize winners below, and to everyone who participated in the competition. It was great to see so many wagging tails and contented kitties.
Congratulations to all of our winners (clockwise from top left): Carole's boy enjoying his Xmas Jimbo's, Willow sneaking some of the dog's dinner, Rogue searching for more, Carey-Ann's trio digging into the Purrrfect Pressie, Monty the Blue Tongue Lizard, and Puss chowing down on the limited-time-only Turkey & Duck Christmas Feast.
Two Minute Survey
You know your pets are craving their favourite Jimbo's meal... You head into your local supermarket... But no! Catastrophe! You can't see the product you are looking for!
What are you most likely to do in the above situation? Fill out our super quick survey to help us improve our service, and be in to WIN a Jimbo's goody pack worth over $30!
The Jimbo's Gallery

We love seeing pictures of your pets! Send in your fur family photos to our online Gallery and share their stories with us and the rest of the world. Every entry goes in the monthly draw to WIN $30 of Jimbo's vouchers!
Congratulations to Ken & Renee for winning December's draw with the above photo of their boy Wilbur.
Featured Product
Jimbo's Veal

Do you have a fussy cat? Jimbo's Veal could be the product for you! We have been contacted by many cat owners over the years who have said their cats love nothing more than Jimbo's Veal. It is low in fat, and great for dogs too!
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our products, or want some feeding advice? Send us your questions for our Pet Advisor to answer.
"My pet is overweight. What should I feed it?"

Obesity is an overwhelmingly common health problem seen in cats and dogs today. These carnivores thrive on natural meat diets, but many modern commercial pet foods are loaded with unnecessary carbohydrates. This can lead to weight gain, and can make it difficult for pets to maintain a healthy body condition.

Jimbo's makes a great addition to the diets of overweight animals because all of our products are naturally free of carbohydrates. We also have plenty of low-fat options - for example, Jimbo's Veal contains less than 1% fat!

If you have an overweight pet currently eating high-carbohydrate foods, instead of simply feeding your pet less, consider swapping some of this food out for a low-fat product such as Jimbo's Veal. It will help your furry friend feel full and satisfied, without piling on the pounds. If you would like more information on feeding overweight pets, email our Pet Advisor on
Upcoming Events

This month Jimbo's Pet Food is proudly sponsoring the Tokoroa Dog Training Club's Championship Jumpers Event. See details below!
Tokoroa Dog Training Club Championship Jumpers Event

Date: 21st & 22nd January 2017
South Waikato Sports Grounds, Mossop Rd, Tokoroa

For more information, check out the Facebook event page, or head to
Thanks for reading guys, that's all for now! Wishing you a fantastic start to the new year.
From Dave and the team at Jimbo's.
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