The season has started, read below for updates and info on the new hut.
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July Newsletter

This month we're talking season opening plus the opening party, booking system and t-shirts. Then to finish it off we will briefly touch on the hut utilities and how she operates.
The 2015 season kicked off last Saturday and we were there to see it in. 5 cm of snow fell overnight and we were greeted with a crisp and eventually calm, bluebird of a day. 

Perfect weather for skiing, unfortunately none was to be done as we still had a final few tasks to complete before the party. A special thanks to Steve, Rob, Joe, Ted and Allie who spent the better part of the day under the hut insulating our beautiful hardwood floors. Also thank you to everyone who helped carry the furniture up and to those of you who chose to nurse you first hangover of the season man-hauling the firewood up on Sunday.
The party was a great success. The hut was at capacity with over 35 people attending. The fire was roaring and the wine was flowing all night. Thank you to Dan and Mike for providing the live music. The new club t-shirts were also made available and are starting to be snapped up. All those who have yet to pay for their t-shirts or the party please do so this week. T-shirts are $25 and the party cost $45 per person. Please make payment to 01-0586-0022927-02 Anyone else wanting t-shirts simply reply to this email asking for one.
Maintenance Update

The hut's plumbing and electrical are up and running. The stereo is now fully functional and thoroughly tested. All services work. There is going to be a guide put up on how to shutdown and start up the hut. It is not hard to do. 

The main water tank is located under the concrete slab in front of the hut and the header tank is up in the mezzanine floor. Between the two bathrooms is the pump room with the hotwater cylinders. Before you leave make sure you turn the pump off. If something bad was to happen, leaving the pump on would make it far worse as the contents of the main tank would slowly but surely be redistributed throughout the interior of the hut.

The electrical side, a bit of background. The original power meters were removed over a year ago. In replacing them we have had to install a switch board that complies with the current standards. So it has the most modern earth leakage breakers installed. These can have a habit of tripping when plugging in old gear or during big changes in loads on the circuit. If it happens go to the switchboard and check rows B and C and all orange and black switches are up. The switchboard is located at the far end of the hut by the side door. A picture has been placed in the Hut book that shows the position of the breakers during normal operation.

There has been some interesting things done and tried prior to us owning the place, and its been fun trying to unravel the mysteries of why they were done. We are looking at further trying to simplify the start up and shutdown, so if anyone has comments on how to improve items let the booking officer know!!!

Just a quick note we are aware of the light not working in the kitchen and some of the lights above the bunks are not working. Have to hunt those issues down.
Booking System

The booking system is now up and running. It can be accessed from our webpage or by clicking the book now button at the top of this email. The basic booking rules are that members have priority for days on weekends and during the school holidays. At the time of booking each member is allowed to book and confirm one non-member then 10 days out from any priortised day more non-members can be booked. The other rule is that two consecutive days must be booked on weekends. For any queries and large bookings or if you are planning on turning up without booking please contact the booking officer .  

With snow in the forecast and bluebirds on the horizon, there's never been a better time than now to book your next trip away to the mountain. Book now!!
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