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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quick Hits

The Main Event
Game 7, here we come!

Last night, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians 9-3 to force a winner-take-all World Series Game 7. Before Sunday night, the Indians were up 3 games to 1 and looking like they were on track to be the next World Series champs. Now, the series is tied 3-3 and the Cubs have all the momentum.

The player of the game was easily Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, who must have been inspired by his own pre-game dugout dancing. Russell ended the night with a record-tying six RBIs in a World Series game, including a Grand Slam in the third inning.

You may have decided to avoid all 2,430 regular season games, plus the dozens of playoff games, and we know baseball can be boring, but do yourself a favor and watch tomorrow night's matchup.

Good Sport
Live A Little
For professional athletes, life's more than just money, yachts, and spending money with attractive people on yachts, sometimes they need to have fun too. That's why we were so pleased to see some sports stars cut loose and dress up for halloween.

Hunter Pence dressed up and danced like Napoleon Dynamite, Paul Pierce transformed into Rick James (bitch), and the Cleveland Cavs were everything. Despite these great costumes, we have to say the holiday's winners were those lucky enough to find Waldo. (Damn you, Marcus!)

Bad Sport
Stay At Home
Soccer isn't a spectator sport, as Sebastián Pol proves. After losing 4-1, the Audax Italiano striker hopped into the stands and tried to kick a fan's head off. A move so dickish, it makes Neymar's stair push seem like child's play.

Pick 'Em
Landon Davison is the real MVP this week for being the only Good Old Sporter with big enough stones to pick the Bills over the Pats. Was he right? Hell no. Was his record atrocious this week? You bet your ass it was. In fact, it was one of the worst goddamn records we’ve ever seen (3-10). Nevertheless, risk-takers are winners in our eyes, which is why we’re sending him a three-pack of koozies to drink the pain a way. In a more literal sense, Emily Garbutt was this week’s winner.

The best of the rest include:

1. Emily Garbutt (10-3; 38*)
T-2. Ryan Ellinghausen (8-5; *31)
T-2. Michael Blauert (8-5; *31)
4. Dustin Biren (8-5; *33)
5. Amanda Schat (8-5; *39)

*Total points estimate for Monday Night Football. Actual: 30

GET YOUR WEEK 9 PICKS IN NOW. Winner gets a Good Old Sport device to keep their beer cold and hand warm. Submission deadline is Thursday, 11/4 at 8:20pm ET.

Wet Your Whistle Wednesday
Two days into November and we've already had enough; stop with all the Christmas ads. Proper appreciation needs to be given to Thanksgiving, the holiday that focuses almost exclusively on food and football. Even though you didn't need another reason to get excited, here we are, introducing you to The Gravy Shot.
After filling up your mashed potato volcano with gravy, pull out a shot glass and fill it half way with hot gravy, then the rest with bourbon. Wa-lah! If you want to get real fancy, rim the shot glass with a brown sugar/herb mix.

What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
MLB WORLD SERIES. Cubs at Indians - 8pm on FOX
NBA. Bulls at Celtics - 8pm on ESPN; Thunder at Clippers - 10:30pm on ESPN
NHL. Red Wings at Flyers - 8pm on NBCSP
NCAA FOOTBALL. Toledo at Akron - 7:30pm on ESPN2
NCAA WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL. Texas at TCU - 7pm on ESPNU; Florida at Georgia - 9pm on ESPNU
SOCCER. Juventus vs. Lyon - 3:30pm on ESPN2; Tottenham vs. Bayer Leverkusen - 3:30pm on FS1
COLLEGE GOLF. East Lake Cup - 3pm on GOLF
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