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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quick Hits
  • Need A Knee. Adrian Peterson suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee on this play during Sunday's win over the Packers. His return time is still TBD, but the Vikings are hoping he'll be back this season, although of all the things they could possibly hope for, we're a little disappointed 'world peace' wasn't it. Looks like they have some learning to do.
  • Glass Hurts. When your team wins a close game, try not to celebrate by slicing your arm open breaking a window. We're not asking for a promise, just to try. Aftermath: arm and ensuing hospital visit.
  • Brotherly Love. With 700m left in the Triathlon World Series, race leader Jonny Brownlee started running like this supermodel. The dehydrated and physically exhausted athlete was carried and physically pushed over the finish line by older brother Alistair Brownlee.
  • DGAF. The Philadelphia Eagles rode the wings of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz to defeat the Chicago Bears 29-14. Jay "Don't Care" Cutler injured his thumb in the end of the third quarter and left the game, although nobody really missed him.
  • Third Up. After RG3 was injured in Week 1 and Josh McCown was injured in Week 2, the Cleveland Browns are turning to rookie Cody Kessler to be their interception thrower this week.

The Main Event
The L.A. Coliseum is a terrible NFL venue.

The stadium, which for years has been home to USC football, is now also home to the LA Rams, and in the three NFL games (two preseason + one regular season game) played there, it's been rocky at best.

Opened in 1923, The Coliseum is now the oldest NFL stadium in the league (Soldier Field - 1924) and it feels every bit 1923. The walkways are narrow, resulting in one big jam packed fire hazard, and the stadium just wasn't designed to host football games, hence the shitty bleachers on one side of the field.

Stadium management has blown it as well. The entire stadium has reportedly run out of water at every game, and there needs to be a huge increase in security since the fans have proved they love fighting. So far, there's been a fight at all three Rams games at The Coliseum this year (Seahawk vs. a Ram ruining the entire year for the screaming Dad in front).

The reason why The Coliseum works for USC is because college students show up late after spending quality time getting drunk in the parking lot. No need for water.

NFL Pick 'Em Results
Clay Colombo, which sounds more like a WWE alias than a name, is our Week 3 Pick 'Em Champion! Clay tied Kaitlin Kan with 12 wins, but won on the Monday Night Football tiebreaker. Enjoy your Good Old Sport koozies when you crack open some cold ones while watching the next Wrestlemania.

The best of the rest include:

1. Clay Colombo (12-4, 49*)
2. Kaitlin Kan (12-4, 35*)
T-3. Michael Blauert (11-5, 45*)
T-3. Logan LeBlond (11-5, 45*)
T-3. Connor Berry (11-5, 45*)

*Total points estimate for Monday Night Football. Actual: 43

GET YOUR WEEK 3 PICKS IN NOW. Winner gets Good Old Sport Koozies and their name etched into eternity and/or mentioned once in a newsletter. Submission deadline is Thursday, 9/22 at 8:20pm ET.

Good Sport
Em Sheeran
When a soccer player thinks a young Eminem is Ed Sheeran during a Hip Hop Quiz, that's quality entertainment. Watch the full quiz featuring three Liverpool soccer players, which happens to be the funniest thing we've seen in a while.

Bad Sport
Chivalry Is Dead
The NFL's become so dangerous that fans are even at risk of getting concussions. In addition to the Seahawks/Rams fan fight linked above, two Raiders fans fought each other (should come as no surprise) and a couple Cowboys fans pushed over a female Redskins fan. Who says chivalry is dead?!

Never Forget
Surfing is for the waves, not the shingles.

What to Watch
WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY. Finland vs. Sweden - 3pm on ESPN; Canada vs. U.S. - 8pm on ESPN
SOCCER. Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund - 2pm on FS1
PAYNE STEWART AWARD. Honoring Jim Furyk - 7pm on GOLF
MLB. San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers - 10pm on ESPN2
MINOR-LEAGUE BASEBALL. Triple-A National Championship - 8pm on NBCSP
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