Cindy Crawford, He Hate Me, & Not Dead.
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Quick Hits
  • He Hate Me. There's going to be a 30 for 30 on the defunct NFL competitor created by the WWE, the XFL. We're waving our hands right now, not to call a fair catch (there are none in the XFL), but to say that we're way in on watching this.
  • Say Cheese! With a smile like this in his mugshot, you knew Kansas Jayhawks forward Carlton Bragg Jr. had to be innocent. After being arrested for battery against his (hopefully now former) girlfriend, police investigated the claim and not only found Bragg to be innocent, but charged his girlfriend with battery.
  • Can You Hear Me Now? If a game plan is created in Wake Forest, and no competitors are around to hear it, does it really exist? Yes, and that's because Wake Forest's team radio reporter, Tommy Elrod, will then willingly leak the game plans and specific plays to the team's opponents. He's since been fired and banned.

The Main Event
There's a new stadium deal in Oakland for the Raiders!

Don't get too excited, Raiders fans, the team is far from staying in Oakland. Right now, there are two cities vying for the Raiders: Las Vegas and Oakland. Both cities submitted proposals to the team:
In the blue corner, from the place where secrets were kept secret before the invention of the camera phone: Las Vegas! Offering a whopping $750 million in funding from hotel taxes, and another $650 million from Las Vegas casino and resort operations company Las Vegas Sands, the sin city is going all in on the silver and black.
In the red corner, from the city Steph Curry made his bitch: Oakland! The home to the Raiders for the past 20 years, Oakland's hoping for the hometown discount with their cluttered deal, offering the Raiders $400 million from a private investment firm, $200 million from the city of Oakland for surrounding infrastructure, and $150 million in the form of land.

We're not "numbers" people, but adding up the dolla dolla bills y'all, the Raiders are leaving $650 million on the table by not moving to Las Vegas, plus Vegas has dope pool parties. Seems like a no brainer to us.

Good Sport
Still Alive And Kicking
It appears the fake news cycle has hit the UK sports world, because despite rumors saying the opposite, England rugby flanker James Haskell isn't dead. The very much alive Haskell has personally been denying reports of his death, even saying, "For those of you who wish I was dead - better luck next time." That quote works much better coming from someone who looks like this, instead of this.

Bad Sport
Booze Loser = Boozer
After being found asleep behind the wheel of a still-running parked car, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was tested, then arrested for a DUI. Two days later, Michael Floyd was cut by the team. It's easy to release a shitty player after he blows it, especially when he wasn't going to be with the team next year. Like Chazz in Wedding Crashers, who attends funerals to pick up chicks, the time is right for Bill Belichick and his Patriots to swoop Floyd up during his low point, and turn him into the star receiver he was meant to be in Arizona.

Good Old Caption
CAPTION THIS PHOTO of forever babe Cindy Crawford drinking out of Rickie Fowler's Ryder Cup during his birthday celebration! We don't care if you're captioning Rickie, Cindy, or even the cup, we mainly wanted the opportunity to look at Cindy. This week's winner gets a Good Old Sport koozie or links to hot pictures of Cindy Crawford we find on Google.

Send your captions to

Remember Your Picks
Get your Week 15 NFL picks in for our Good Old Sport Pick 'Em Challenge! Winner gets a koozie and then a second koozie, cuz we're cool like that. Submissions must be entered by 8:24pm ET TODAY.

Our BOLD PREDICTION of the Week: Browns over Bills (Bills DT Marcell Dareus guaranteed the opposite, so you know they're going to lose now).
Our LOCK of the Week: Falcons over Niners.

What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
SOCCER. Club América vs. Real Madrid - 5:20am on FS1
HS BASKETBALL. New Albany vs. La Lumiere - 7pm on ESPN; Sierra Canyon vs. Oak Hill Academy - 9pm on ESPN
NCAA BASKETBALL. Appalachian State at North Carolina State - 7pm on ESPNU
NBA. Bulls at Bucks - 8pm on TNT; Knicks at Warriors - 10:30pm on TNT
NFL. Rams at Seahawks - 8:20pm on NBC
WOMEN'S NCAA BASKETBALL. DePaul at Temple - 9pm on ESPNU
Link of the Day: Former Super Bowl performer Bruno Mars on carpool karaoke.
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