Baseball Fight, Locked Arms, & Donovan's Dumb.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quick Hits
  • Throw In The Bottle. Conor McGregor will take on current lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez on Nov. 12 in UFC 205, and we can't wait for the presser to see if McGregor's bottle throwing form improved.
  • Second Time's The Charm. Baseball was watchable last night, when after the first bench-clearing of the night, a fight broke out between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. The Yanks held on for the 7-5 win.
  • Re-Retired. San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis, who retired in 2015 after being concerned with concussions, just re-retired after returning to the team this year after getting concussed. Expect him to re-join the team in 2017 after forgetting he keeps retiring because of concussions, because of concussions.
  • Red Rover. Before attempting to cause permanent physical and mental harm upon each other, the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints locked arms during the National Anthem.
  • Never Too Old. Steve Smith Sr. refuses to act his age. The 37-year-old Baltimore Ravens wide receiver took to Twitter to trash talk 21-year-old Jalen Ramsey, who didn't have anything positive to say about Smith following their post-game spat.

The Main Event
Last night was the Miami Marlins first game since their star pitcher José Fernández's sudden death, and it was beautifully sad.

Before the game, the Marlins announced they were making Fernández's jersey the very first Marlins jersey to be retired, that is after the entire Marlins team took the field wearing his #16. Next, the team gathered around the pitcher's mound to rub dirt on their hands, like Fernández would to dry his hands, a trick he learned growing up in Cuba without rosin bags. This touching fanfare surrounding Fernández left Mets (the Marlins' opponent) broadcasters choked up.

Once the game began, the Marlins got off to a hot start, as Dee Gordon honored Fernández by wearing Fernández helmet while batting right-handed for one pitch before switching back to his natural left-handed swing and knocking the ball over the fence for a home run.
The Marlins would end up winning 7-3, capping off the game in fitting fashion.

The Marlins and their fans did a fabulous job honoring José Fernández.

NFL Pick 'Em
The records were close this week, so the name of the game for Week 3's Pick 'Em Challenge was guessing the Monday Night Football score, and Steven Wilcox pulled ahead of the pack by guessing the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints would score a shitload (77). The Falcons spoiled the Saints 10-year anniversary of the Superdome opening after Hurricane Katrina with a dominating 45-32 win.

The best of the rest include:

1.) Steven Wilcox (10-6, 68*)
2.) Logan LeBlond (10-6, 46*)
T-3.) Tom Akkala (10-6, 44*)
T-3.) Tristian Bennett (10-6, 44*)
T-5.) Amanda Schat (10-6, 41*)
T-5.) Connor Berry (10-6, 41*)

*Total points estimate for Monday Night Football. Actual: 77

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Good Sport
Yes Yes Yes
The Denver Nuggets didn't say, "no, no, no," to Geico Insurance star and former basketball player Dikembe Mutombo, who will have his jersey retired on October 29th.

Bad Sport
Odell Beckham Jr. is acting like he's presidential debate-worthy after his sideline tirade that involved getting attacked by the kicker's net and stomping up and down. Giants coach Ben McAdoo says he wants the guy who looks like he's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs to "become less of a distraction." Good luck!

Never Forget
Sometimes, you just gotta roll with it.

What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
SOCCER. Monaco vs. Bayer Leverkusen - 2:30pm on ESPN2; Borussia Dortmund vs. Real Madrid - 2:30pm on FS1
MLB. Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees - 7pm on ESPN2
WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY. Finals: Game 1 - Europe vs. Canada - 8pm on ESPN
BOXING. Perrella-Ugas - 8pm on FS1
WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL. San Diego at Loyola Marymount - 10pm on ESPNU
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