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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quick Hits
  • Impressive. This Minnesota Vikings ball boy had a great one-handed catch for about as many receiving yards as Odell Beckham Jr. had all night (23). The Vikings beat the New York Giants on Monday Night Football 24-10.
  • More Impressive. The way the refs blew this fumble call during the Cleveland Browns' loss to the Washington Redskins, then double downed and said it was the right call.
  • Bye Barry. Regular steroid user/former home run champion Barry Bonds won't be retained by the Miami Marlins as their hitting coach after one year in the role. However, Dracula version of Sammy Sosa is available to start immediately (except during the day).
  • Ruined. Cyclist Jeremy Santucci's like that friend who would borrow your N64 controller for a night, only to return it with a busted joystick. After crashing during the Red Hook Criterium (cycle race) in Milan, the raging rider smashed the bike he was riding, which his friend regretfully let him borrow.
  • Out Of Their Element. Watch Sumo wrestlers run and swim, because nothing makes a Tuesday better than watching people out of their element!

The Main Event
Cue up the Queen, because the Bulldogs are the champions! Over the weekend, the Australian Rules Football Club held their Grand Final (essentially their version of the Super Bowl - minus Janet Jackson's nipple (NSFW link for science)), and it was an emotional one.

The Western Bulldogs (from Melbourne) defeated the Sydney Swans, the only mascot less scary than the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, 89 to 67 to take home their first championship since 1954, the same year the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship. Does that mean the Browns will win it all this year? Absolutely not. They're the only winless team in the NFL.

The most touching moment came during the medal ceremony, when head coach Luke Beveridge called up Robert Murphy, the team's beloved captain who's been injured for most of the year, to give Murphy the medal around his own neck. Tears were shed.

The Swans won it all in 2012, so we're cool with the Bulldogs taking it home.

NFL Pick 'Em
Fortune favors the bold for Gabriela Salazar, who has upsets like the Jags over the Colts and the Bears over the Lions to thank for her big win this week. As for the rest of you, grow a pair and pick some upsets next week. Here’s how the rest of the group shook out:

1.) Gabriela Salazar (11-4, 47*)
2.) Colby “Brolby” McCullough (10-5, 38*)
3.) Michael Blauert (10-5, 40*)
4.) Annapurna Kennedy (10-5, 42*)
5.) Robert Portnoy (10-5, 45*)

*Total points estimate for Monday Night Football. Actual: 34

GET YOUR WEEK 5 PICKS IN NOW. Winner gets a set of Good Old Sport Koozies. Submission deadline is Thursday, 10/6 at 8:20pm ET.

Good Sport
Large & In Charge
Joey Julius, the Penn St. kicker listed at 271-pounds, revealed in a Facebook post he suffers from Binge Eating Disorder and underwent treatment this past spring. Taking things even further, Joey encouraged anybody and everybody "struggling with the [sic] same or anything similar" to message him and he will be in "immediate contact to help in any way." Way to be a good person off the field, but a wrecking ball on it.

Bad Sport
No Fun Allowed
After Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo won the Malaysian Grand Prix, nine of his fellow countrymen stripped down to their Malaysian flag print "Budgy Smugglers," which appear to be a speedo version of Chubbies. The nine Aussies then proceeded to chant, "Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi," wrap themselves in an Australian flag, and chug beer out of their shoes. Because the Malaysian government doesn't think drinking beer out of their warm, sweaty shoe was punishment enough, all nine of these men are being held in jail while the government decides if further action will be taken.

Never Forget
Sometimes life comes at you like a dick throwing a baseball in your gut. Never forget.

What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
MLB PLAYOFFS. Wildcard: Orioles at Blue Jays - 8pm on TBS
GOLF. Arnold Palmer Memorial Service - 10am on GOLF
WNBA PLAYOFFS. Game 4: Los Angeles at Chicago - 7pm on ESPN2
NBA PRESEASON. Knicks at Rockets - 8pm on ESPN; Clippers at Warriors - 10:30pm on ESPN
NHL PRESEASON. Sabres vs. Hurricanes - 7pm on NBC Sports
PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. Clinton vs. Trump - 9pm on Various Networks
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