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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quick Hits

The Main Event
After indicating his retirement was imminent late last year, boxer Manny Pacquiao has doubled-down on his desire to hang up the gloves by confirming his April 9th fight against Timothy Bradley will be his last.

"Pac-Man" will, without a doubt, go down as one of the greatest and most entertaining fighters of his era. He's fought in an incredible 65 fights to date, winning 57 of them (38 by knockout). Pacquiao's signature wins include triumphs over Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, and Oscar De La Hoya, whose beating from Pac-Man proved to be the last fight of his career. The one low point that comes to mind for Pacquiao's career is his recent, duller than dirt fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., who won the snoozefest. After tremendous buildup, the lackluster fight was nearly unwatchable thanks to Mayweather, who's widely considered to be the most boring fighter in the world.

We'd be sadder about Pacquiao's impending retirement if we weren't so excited about his next foray: politics. Having already served as a representative in the Philippines Congress, the Pac-Man plans on running for a seat in the country's senate. We can only hope that, as he gains political experience, he'll return to the United States to follow in Arnold Schwarzenegger's footsteps as governor of the Golden State, providing us with many joyous years of listening to another foreigner hilariously pronounce the word "California."

Good Sport
New England Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming is a hero! He witnessed a car accident on the way home from practice on January 14, and sprung into action when he noticed one of the cars filling with smoke. After the woman inside attempted to escape by kicking out the window, to no avail, Fleming took his giant linebacker foot and smashed it through the glass, gashing his leg in the process, before pulling the woman to safety. He went on to play in the Patriots' playoff game against the Chiefs two days later with 22 stitches in his leg. Not believing a member of the Patriots could have a soul, media vultures quickly flocked to the story to poke holes in it. However, the woman involved stepped forward to thank Fleming, and a police report confirmed the presence of a "Good Samaritan" at the scene. Shit... how are we suppose to root against this guy on Sunday?

Bad Sport
Yesterday morning, a BBC report claimed the NFL is "on track" to develop a permanent, London-based franchise within the next six years. The report highlighted the annual presence of the NFL at Wembley Stadium as a primary factor, where at least one NFL game has been played each season since 2007. Just hours after the BBC report surfaced, however, the NFL said the report was codswallop, denying any such expansion efforts. We pity the wanker who has to tell the Queen she won't have any Yanks running up and down the Wembley pitch anytime soon.

Good Old Caption
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What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
NBA. Clippers at Cavaliers - 8pm on TNT; Spurs at Suns - 10:30pm on TNT
COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Kentucky at Arkansas - 7pm on ESPN; Memphis at Cincinnati - 7pm on ESPN2; Ohio State at Purdue - 9pm on ESPN; Arizona State at California - 9pm on Fox Sports 1; Utah at Washington State - 11pm on Fox Sports 1
GOLF. PGA Tour: CareerBuilder Challenge, Third-Round Play - 3pm on Golf Channel; Champions Tour: Mitsubishi Electric Championship, First-Round Play - 7pm on Golf Channel
TENNIS. Australian Open, Third-Round Play - 11pm on ESPN2
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