Mad Men, Possessed Pizza, & A Half-Worn Leotard.
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Friday, August 18, 2016

Quick Hits
  • Just Be Better. Olympic soccer gold is on the line Saturday, as Germany and the hometown team Brazil go head-to-head. We're just hoping the game is better than the 7-1 humiliation Germany handed Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, although an entire stadium of crying Brazil fans is good for a laugh.
  • Leotard Optional. The best Olympic event is the gymnastics gala, which is where the Olympic gymnasts perform in Rio one last time, but without judges. Basically, they just do crazy cool shit like this, sexy shit like this (look out, ladies!), and downright weird shit like this!
  • The Ledge Catch. Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo hopped onto the dugout wall to make the only catch better than the guy who nabbed Christina Hendricks.
  • Marco! After beating Hungary 14-10 yesterday, the U.S. women's water polo will move on to play Italy in the gold medal match tomorrow. Let's go ahead and pencil in a gold medal to add to the States' 93 total medals (30 gold).

The Main Event
Manu Ginobili, the San Antonio Spurs shooting guard, played his final game as a member of the Argentina national basketball team. Unfortunately for him, it was during the wrong end of a 105-78 blowout, courtesy of Team USA, but that's only a small hiccup in a very successful international basketball career.

The 2004 Athens Olympics were tough for American basketball fans to watch (yes, that's a bronze medal hanging around LeBron's neck), and it's thanks to Ginobili, who lead Argentina to become the first and only non-U.S. team to win basketball gold since the 1992 Barcelona Games. He also lead Argentina to three more golds - two in the FIBA Americas Championships and one in the now-defunct FIBA Diamond Ball. Since 1998 when Ginobili began playing for Argentina, their four gold international team medals makes them the second-most successful international team (USA: 8 golds). This man may unfortunately be an afterthought when discussing NBA greats, but he's a legend in Argentina. Farewell, Manu. We'll miss you leading your fellow Argentinians on the court as much as you miss your hair.

While we'll see Ginobili play for the Spurs next year, his departure from the Argentina national team means he's one step closer to NBA retirement, and we don't think we're ready to not watch this lefty stroke it.

Good Sport
Grab the brooms, because the U.S. women swept the 100m hurdles. Brianna Rollins won gold, Nia Ali took silver, and Kristi Castlin earned bronze.

Bad Sport
Too Much Head
Holy shit, synchronized swimming is dangerous. The chief executive of USA Synchro said, "I would say 100 percent of my athletes will get a concussion at some point." Hearing the media discuss concussions not involving football players must be a relief to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the concussion cover-up king.

Good Old Caption
CAPTION THIS GIF of what this steeplechase runner is thinking right before the moment of impact. Winner gets a Good Old Sport pint glass to help you wake up the next morning with a similar head pain.

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What to Watch (All Times Eastern)
RIO OLYMPICS. Canoe/Kayak/Track and Field - 5am on NBCSN; Women's Golf - 6am on GOLF; Men's Triathlon/Women's Badminton - 7am on USA; Men's Water Polo/Women's Wrestling/Men's Field Hockey - 8:20am on NBCSN; Track and Field/Canoe/Kayak - 10am on NBC; Sailing/Women's Handball - 11am on MSNBC; Women's Basketball - 11am on NBCSN; Women's Volleyball - 12pm on NBC; Women's Wrestling - 1pm on NBCSN; Women's Diving/Men's BMX - 2pm on NBC; Taekwondo/Modern Pentathlon - 2pm on CNBC; Men's Field Hockey - 3pm; Women's Basketball - 3pm on NBCSN; Men's Water Polo/Synchronized Swimming - 3:30pm on NBC; Boxing/Men's Beach Volleyball - 5pm on CNBC; Women's Vollyeball/Taekwondo - 6:45pm on NBCSN; Primetime - 8pm on NBC
LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES. Mexico vs. Latin America - 1pm on ESPN; Mid-Atlantic vs. New England - 3pm on ESPN; Australia vs. Europe - 5pm on ESPN; Northwest vs. Southeast - 7pm on ESPN
PGA GOLF. Wyndham Championship - 5pm on GOLF
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