ILGA Oceania Newsletter: 20 August 2017
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ILGA Oceania Newsletter: 27 August 2017.

ILGA Oceania represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.
Australia – Canberra
Sunday 20th August 2017

Jason Smith farmer
Gay farmer named Young Farmer of the Year
The fifth-generation Victorian farmer has been a strong advocate for LGBTI rights since coming out as gay.
DAIRY farmer and marriage equality advocate Jason Smith has won Young Farmer of the Year at the Australian Farmer of the Year Awards.
“Has been a huge day at Parliament House but I gotta get home to calving cows now!” Smith posted on Facebook.
The fifth-generation Victorian farmer has been a strong advocate for LGBTI rights since coming out as gay, travelling to Canberra to address politicians and even appearing in television ads.
Smith has been quick to point out, however, that his award win was for farming and not for his advocacy work.
“Being gay has only ever hurt my chances/possibilities in agriculture in the past, not helped it,” he wrote on Facebook
New Zealand – Wellington
Tuesday, 22 August 2017
In this election forum, parliamentary candidates (for New Zealand’s 52nd parliament) will show what they have done for the LGBTTQIAP+ community in their last term in office and what their plans are for their next term. They will address the adversities that the community faces and will also ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS to convince you that they are your right choice! From the early days when the LGBTTQIAP+ community was in the closet and constantly in fear of homophobic attacks, to today where we have equal rights and protections on paper, we have made a huge way together. However, people tend to believe that the discrimination has stopped and that there is nothing to struggle for. But we know that there is a lot to fight for, from Transphobia through to economic rights, discrimination in budgets and high rates of youth suicide.

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Australia – Sydney
Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Torres Strait Islander artist and dancer, Sani Ray Townson has been passionately vocal about the impact the plebiscite decision has had on him personally as an openly gay man and submitted a statement to NITV.
It wasn't too long ago that our own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people had to ask for permission from the Government to marry the one’s that they loved. So I think to myself, why am I taking this massive step backwards, once again, and fighting the system that oppresses our rights?
But my question to the Government is this - why are we spending millions of dollars on a question that you are constantly stalling the answer for - when the answer is right in front of your face? Dangling that 'gay marriage' carrot in front of us is becoming quite tiresome. You seem to be bringing this topic up when you are masking other issues. Other issues such as the injustice in the deaths of our Aboriginal youngsters.
'He is my family': an open letter about same-sex marriage.
New Zealand – Auckland
Friday 25th August 2017
 How New Zealand's military became the most gay inclusive in the world
“For us as a Defence Force we have made a conscious decision that it is not a parade for gays, it is a parade for the Defence Force and it is an opportunity for us to publicly demonstrate our commitment to diversity.” His tone is sober, professional and perfunctory. This is the military, after all. This may be a parade – hell, it’s the Pride Parade on Ponsonby Rd – but it is also a deadly serious business.
If there’s one thing Defence Force members know how to do, it’s stand out in a parade. Photo/Stephen Robinson
                                New Zealand’s military ranks No 1 in the LGBT Military Index.
Pacific – Vanuatu
Friday 25th August 2017
Opinion: a call for a tolerant, understanding and caring Vanuatu
"GG Baxter is a transgender Ni-Vanuatu woman and LGBT rights activist. After appearing in Wan Smol Bag’s ‘Love Patrol’, GG has become Vanuatu’s most widely known transgender woman and is continuing to break barriers and challenge stereotypes through her work with Vanuatu’s first LGBT organization Vpride Organization." via Sista .
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A call for a tolerant, understanding and caring Vanuatu
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