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Australia – Perth
Saturday 9th September 2017
When We Are Old And Gay: A love letter to the ageing LGBTI+ community
Do you remember when you first came out? Do you remember how it felt to be finally honest with yourself about who you truly were? That sense of fear but also relief that you no longer had to hide in the closet. Now, could you imagine putting yourself back in the closet?
That horrifying choice is one that has been made by countless members of our community as they enter residential aged care, an environment where they no longer feel safe to be open about their sexuality or gender identity. At a vulnerable time in their lives, their fear of mistreatment leads them to hide who they truly are. If this all seems a bit far-fetched then I highly recommend watching the highly-moving tear-jerker Gen Silent, a documentary film by Stu Maddux, which tells the stories of six senior LGBTI+ from Boston, USA and the very real fears they confront towards the ends of their lives.
Returning to the closet is just one example of the many challenges facing older LGBTI+ people in our community. In addition to being much less likely to access any support services due to fears of discrimination, they are also much more prone to suffering from isolation and loneliness. Both of these are known to have a dramatic negative effects on mental health and can also take a serious toll on physical health.

Pacific -Tonga – Nuku’alofa
Sunday 10 September 2017
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Getting ready to launch a new film out across the great Pacific and into the world means gettin' with the times... 💜
Introducing the Instagram page for LEITIS IN WAITING: A bold community of transgender women rising to reclaim their revered & righteous place in the Kingdom of Tonga. --
A film by producer Kumu Hina Wong-Kalu, directors Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson, editor Bill Weber, co-producer Ilaisaane Sisi'uno Helu, with support from Pacific Islanders in Communications.
Australia – Sydney
Sunday 11 September 2017
Thousands march in same sex marriage rallies
Image for Yes Marriage Equality Rally Sydney
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has joined hundreds of people in Sydney's CBD showing their support for sex marriage.
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has joined hundreds of people in Sydney's CBD showing their support for sex marriage
In the biggest march for marriage equality Australia has ever seen, at least 30,000 people have taken to the streets of Sydney in support of a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey. Tens of In the biggest march for marriage equality Australia has ever seen, at least 30,000 people have taken to the streets of Sydney in support of a Yes vote in the s...ame-sex marriage postal survey. Tens of thousands more are in other cities around the country todaythousands more are in other cities around the country .
New Zealand – Auckland
Monday 11 September 2017
Auckland man creates drag persona to overcome past struggles
Drag persona created from past experiences
Spencer Papali'i first realised being gay was considered different at intermediate school.
He had told a friend he liked another guy, the school found out, and the bullying began.
"It felt like the end of the world," the 24-year-old said
Shanita Kunteee would be shown to the world at Papali'i's debut solo show, O A'u, samoan for "me".
He said he was nervous for the show as he wasn't sure how he, and Shanita, would be perceived by audiences.
But the show was about taking all his past experiences and making something positive out of it, he said.
O A'u will play at Basement Theatre from September 19-23 2017 – Auckland.
Spencer Papali'i says he can get away with things as Shanita Kunteee that he wouldn't get away with normally.

Henderson resident Spencer Papali'i in drag as Shanita Kunteee
Pacific – Fiji  - Suva
Tuesday 12th September 2017
House of Khameleon
Haus of Khameleon (HK) is a movement that is led by young transgender women who are lobbying, campaigning, organizing, researching, training and advocating for transgender equality in Fiji and the Pacific. Haus of Khameleon’s work is framed around feminism, using human rights based and evidence based approaches to address trans issues that is not only limited to gender-based violence, access to trans friendly services and resources, SRHR, peace & security, legal gender recognition, housing, employment, ecological justice and good governance. One of HK’s core work is documenting and reporting trans specific violence and for the first time, the HK will be implementing Fiji’s first ever research on the sexual and gender based violence experienced by trans and non-gender conforming people. HK is led by a team of young trans feminists who continue to push boundaries and reconstruct heteronormative binaries.
Miki Wali is the co-founder of the Haus of Khameleon and the Programme Support Officer. She is a Trans and a youth feminist activist, human rights defender and gender advocate.

New Zealand – Christchurch
Friday 15 September 2017
On Friday , our Co-Convenor Rawa Karetai is at the Waitaha Suicide Prevention Day symposium. He will reflect on what it was like growing up as a Takatāpui person in New Zealand for him.
The Triple H programme in schools aims to build confidence and wellbeing of Maori and Pasifika students through supportive leadership, partnership and mentoring.
Objectives – 
Build rapport with taff, students and community
 Deliver key messages to targeted students
 Set up and facilitate Hauora Hub for Maori and Pasifika students -  
Refer at risk students to the appropriate help available in the community
 Find needs within the Maori and Pasifika groups (music, cultural, leadership, mentoring, kapa haka, sports)  and assist/develop using programme resources
  Celebrate cultural and school identity using health promotional, performing arts and educational summits, events and wananga.

Editor’s Note:
That’s all for this week.
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Its Springtime, so get out into the fresh air and smell the roses, or the frangipani, or the wattle.
Ia manuia,

Ken Moala
Communications Convenor
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