ILGA Oceania Newsletter: 20 August 2017
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ILGA Oceania Newsletter: 1 September 2017.

ILGA Oceania represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Australia – Melbourne
Saturday 26th August 2017

Thousands of people rallied for marriage equality.

MORE than 15,000 Melburnians decked in rainbow colours have hit the city streets to support marriage equality.
The rally to support the “yes” vote comes ahead of the controversial Federal Government plebiscite on legalising gay marriage
MORE than 15,000 Melburnians decked in rainbow colours have hit the city streets to support marriage equality.
The rally to support the “yes” vote comes ahead of the controversial Federal Government plebiscite on legalising gay marriage.
New Zealand – Gisborne
Wednesday 30th August 2017

Annette King – Labour MP first- hand experience transgender struggles.
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern's campaign 'minder' - political stalwart Annette King - has revealed to a public meeting she was once married to a transgender person, so understands the need for increased government support.
At a Gisborne meeting on Tuesday, Ms Ardern was taking questions from the crowd when an audience member asked about wait times for transgender surgery.
Transgender Kiwis are dying from neglect in the medical system
Ms Ardern agreed more support is needed, NZME reports, and Ms King added the lack of surgeons was a problem.
"I also was married to a transgender person, so I understand very much the issues for transgender people and the need to have access to surgery and to counselling and drugs and support," Ms King said.
"We are very supportive of that in our policy."
She did not wish to comment further when approached.
Ms King - who will retire from Parliament at the election - conscience-voted in favour of Homosexual Law Reform in 1986. At the time, she was warned against voting for reform, because of concerns of backlash from her Horowhenua electorate.

Friday 1st September 2017
Trans young people attempt suicide at 20 times the rate of the general Australian population

An alarming new study has shown half of all young trans people in Australia has attempted suicide.
Trans Pathways is the largest ever survey conducted into the mental health of trans young people. It is a ground-breaking survey by the Telethon Kids Institute that produced some shocking results.
It found young people who identify as a gender that does not match the sex assigned to them at birth are at high risk for suicide. They are approximately 10 times more likely than other young Australians to experience serious depression and anxiety.
Young people aged between 14 and 25 were surveyed with almost half having attempted suicide. Almost 80% had self-harmed at some point.
‘The finding that one in every two gender-diverse young people we heard from has attempted to end their life is a sobering statistic that demonstrates the urgent need for services that are better equipped to support gender diverse young people,’ said senior researcher Dr Ashleigh Lin.
Pacific – Samoa
Friday 01 September 2017
Miss Samoa Fa’afafine  crowns its new Queen
Homosexual acts may be illegal in Samoa, but the annual transgender beauty pageant is a mainstay of the island nation's social calendar.
Miss Fa'afafine takes its name from the Samoan word for the society's "third gender", which literally translates to "in the style of" (fa'a) "woman" (fafine).
Estimates of the proportion of fa'afafines in the population range from 1 to 5 per cent, and they have been a documented and accepted part of Samoan society since at least the early 20th century.
So'oalo Roger Stanley, who heads the fa'afafine organisation responsible for the September 1 pageant, said the event draws a big audience because contestants do not take themselves too seriously.
"There are a lot of other pageants — for women — but for us we try to make it unique," she said.
"Ours is always popular because it's entertaining; it's fun, a lot of laughs."
There is, however, a serious side.
The pageant will raise money for an elderly people's home and several other causes, and a forum will be held in the days prior to discuss issues such as suicide and sexual health among fa'afafines.

Miss Samoa Fa'afafine of 2017 Charlize Leo  Athena - Deity of Beauty & Wisdom
New Zealand – Christchurch
Rawa Karetai  is currently currently organising a Takatapui Conference in Chrischurch, South Island, New Zealand and is also engaged in Suicide Prevention Work in the South Island.
To all those in Aotearoa  who are interested your support is needed , please contact Rawa for more information.

A Word from  Rawa Karetai :

Kia Ora,
I’m from ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. I’m the ILGA Oceania Co-Convenor.
I’m currently doing some work and am based in Christchurch leading some work for ILGA on suicide Prevention but I'm also helping with a South Island based Takatāpui conference in Christchurch.
We are having a hui soon and I'd love to connect with you and for you to share the invite on your page.  

Let me know if you are interested.
Kind Regards
Rawa Karetai
+64 274051883

Editors Note:

That’s all for this week.

Its Springtime, so get out into the fresh air and smell the roses, or the frangipani, or the wattle.
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Keep rugged up and warm this winter.

Ia manuia,

Ken Moala
Communications Convenor

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