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Welcome to Issue #12 of Our SEO Top 5 Newsletter!

January 30th, 2018
Impact Zone Newsletter SEO Top 5 No. 12, January 30, 2018

1. SEO is a long-term game: how long does it take to rank high on Google? [infographic]

The coveted #1 spot tends to go to pages and posts that are at least 3 years old. The #2 spot goes to sites between 2-3 years old. In fact, most of the pages that rank in the Top 10 of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are at least 2 years old. 95% of pages less than a year old, do not get to the Top 10 within a year. 

So now you are convinced blogging is not worth it and your life as you know it is over. No, no, my friends, think again. You can and will conquer the search page results.

What does that data mean for you? Go back and revise your old content. Find the pages that rank the best and drive traffic to your site. Revise and update the content for 2018. Check your on-page SEO for any needed updates on keywords or SEO methodology. Put a note on your site that you last updated the page or post on X date. People love relevant, revised material that has stood the test of time.

2. Google Issues Duplicate Content Warning

Take some deep breaths before you read this part. Be calm. Meditate. This technical SEO section will pass. Breathe....

Now, are you ready to read some technical SEO?

Because you all know you didn't turn that last website domain off, you didn't redirect the content, you didn't tell your SEO consultant, and now you are wondering why your site is getting penalized. Right? Exactly! (Who said I cannot be passive-aggressive. Just watch and learn, folks.)

Now back on topic. What constitutes "duplicate content"? The short version is that and (note the forward slash at the end of the second example) are NOT duplicate content issues.

But a forward slash at the end of a file name IS duplicate content. And different protocols matter.

1. and ARE duplicate content. The former should forward (redirect) to the latter.

2.,,, and are ALL DIFFERENT.

Now having written those statements, regarding both #1 and #2, I am going to contradict myself. You can take a deep breath because search engines are generally pretty good at figuring out they are the same thing. (Hello World! Algorithm writing 101.)

Are your eyes rolling yet?  Are you asleep? No? Good. 

So how do you fix this? Canonical tags, 301 redirects of potential file duplications and protocol duplications to the correct URL, watch/audit your URLs, and check your 404 errors.

I told you, deep breaths, deep breaths, people.

You can also just call me and I will fix it for you***.

(***shameless self-promotion)

3. 15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Me loves pretty. When you have a moment, check out the latest and greatest web design trends for 2018. Gradients are still in, as are bold typography, lots of color, illustrations, and geometric shapes. Old school serif fonts appear to be making a comeback.

Now, what do web design trends have to do with SEO? You artists and creatives need to keep up with the trends, including on your website. This keeps your site fresh and keeps the traffic coming in. Don't even think you are going to gain new clients and traffic with that 1996 website! (And don't even try to tell me it is coming back into style! Peshaw!)

Update that theme! Migrate that content and revise it! There you go! OK, maybe not this week, but make sure you update your website theme every 2-3 years so you can stay one of the Cool Kids. Exporting your content to a new install also keep your backend fresh and not clunky, and keeps that page load speed nice and zoomy. That improves your ability to rank in search results.

4. 12 Step Checklist for Building a Thriving Blog in 2018

This article is a nice guide for building up your blog. The author focuses on other aspects beyond publishing, including submission of your sitemap and setting goals on Google Analytics. If I optimized your WordPress site or even a non-WordPress site, then I did most of those for you. If I have not optimized your blog, then check it out and see if you are missing any important areas, like goal setting.

A thriving blog adds to your rankings and search results position by growing the traffic on your site. As mama used to say, "pretty is as pretty does". OK, mine didn't actually say that. HOWEVER, keep blogging, but blog smart.

5. Meditation for After a Stressful workday (Beginner)

Your business. Kids. Life. Dogs. The cat. Bad weather. OTHER PEOPLE. Clients. Your SEO consultant. All of these things can bring stress into your life. "Stressed" equals not productive, and not productive equals not using your time well TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE BY BLOGGING AND BUILDING BACKLINKS.

(Meditation ==> SEO?!? I can make that connection. See mom, watch me!)

Here is an 11-minute meditation you can do after a long day of work and adulting.

And now for some company news....

I would like to introduce you to the new "office dog". Her name is Rani. She found me. We had a trash bandit last October 2017 (at home). I realized it was a dog -- and a starving one at that. Her ribs were showing and I could see the top of the bony part of her spine. I began feeding her immediately. I tried to find an owner, and no one came forward.

I got her out of the weather and "inside" in mid-December, after 6 weeks of feeding her. I estimate she had been outside and homeless at least two months over the fall to early winter. She had no microchip. I adopted her. We already had 4 dogs in the house, but what do you do? Our dogs love her, she loves them, and it is as though she has always been with us.

I managed to surreptitiously snap this picture in the car on 23 December 2017, less than a week after we got her "inside", when I saw how she was looking at me. I hope I can be the human she thinks I am. At the request of several dozen friends on Facebook who became her fans as the story unfolded in November and December, I created Facebook and Instagram pages for her. I will tell her story, then and now.

She sends ya'll nose kisses and butt sniffs.
Jewel Ward, 8 December 2017

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Winter arrived in North Carolina last month with a snow in early December, and then another one earlier this month. I realize for those of you in the North and Midwest that isn't much, but in the foothills of Appalachia, we like to have fun and take a few days off when the snow comes. This photo shows me with no makeup, hair wet with snow, having some fun outside.

The post-holiday rush is over and now is a good time to repair those website issues you set aside in favor of holiday season product creation and shipping. You should see the results of work now on your rankings in a few months. This will position you better online for the holiday season later this year. 

This purpose of this newsletter is to solve your small business SEO pain points. Please let me know what you are struggling with regarding getting found online.

Best Regards,

Jewel H. Ward
Founder and Principal
Impact Zone Consultancy
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