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Your SEO Top 5 for Succeeding Online

Welcome to Issue #13 of Our SEO Top 5 Newsletter!

February 16th, 2018
Impact Zone Newsletter SEO Top 5 No. 13, February 16, 2018

1. New Research: 35% of Competitive Local Keywords Have Local Pack Ads

Google has started placing advertisements in those "local pack" maps and business listings that you see at the top of your web browser "above the fold" when you search. (Yes, where once upon a time, you saw business web page listings.)

What does that mean for you and your business? If your local market is very competitive, then it is more incentive to ensure your business displays in the top three. Of course, you want your website to rank, but more importantly, you need to ensure your Google My Business page is maintained and that your business has high-quality reviews.

2. 4 Inexpensive branding strategies for small businesses

Branding and SEO. Branding and SEO. "What?!? Why are you sending us a newsletter link about BRANDING?" The answer to that question is both simple and complicated.

In order to stand out online and rank well, you have to know who you are, who your target demographic is and their habits, and they have to get to know you. Your potential clients and customers have to decide whether or not they trust you and your products or services.

If they trust you or like you, then they will link to your website and buy your products and services. Quality service and products, along with branding, are Yin Yang. You need both.

Many of you are small businesses and often have to watch your advertising budgets. In this month's newsletter, I've linked to an inexpensive list of strategies you can adopt that are effective.

3. Pew Research Center

I talk a lot about demographics and data. Know your peeps!

How do you learn about people and their habits? One way is to observe your clients and customers as you serve them. Then iterate. Try what works and if that does not work, try another approach. Another way is to research their habits in a more general, less subjective way.

One of my favorite free online resources for demographic data is Pew Research Center. Here you can find a trove of data about who spends what time on which social media platform, social trends, examine gender and online use, etc.

These can help you determine when to post on a social media platform, how often, and whether or not you should be on that social media platform at all. This goes along with branding. Researching your target market aids in branding, gaining trust, and servicing your clients and customers with quality products and services.

All of those strategies lead to backlinks. And we
loves our precious BACKLINKS!

4. Free Local SEO Tools That Belong in Your Kit

When you want to do your monthly SEO maintenance yourself, or even your local SEO, one thing you need to do is find the right tools to use.

Miriam Ellis at Moz has compiled a wonderful list of tools you may use for everything from deciding what content to generate to tracking your local citations. 

I love this list. I hope you do, too!

5. Restorative Yoga Poses

The other day I was showing my "perfect day" schedule to someone in a Facebook group who was trying to balance clients versus business work. One person posted to ask me what "legs up the wall" meant. I end my day with it.

It's a restorative yoga pose that implementing on a daily basis will help you get and stay grounded. When you are less stressed, you focus better on work and serve your clients and customers better.

And what does that mean? Backlinks! Why? (Everyone, please say this part in unison.) Because if they trust you, your services and/or products, they will link to your site and give you great reviews online.

(No. 5 in the newsletter is similar to the "6 degrees of separation" game; I can link almost anything back to SEO. Now if I could only link SEO to Kevin Bacon....)

Plus, it is easy to forget to take a few minutes out for relaxation and grounding. These restorative yoga poses are not a substitute for a yoga class or exercise, but they help.

Jewel Ward, 10 February 2018

The Value of Cough Drops

I learned something last Saturday. If you suck on a cough drop while taking a selfie, you will have amazing cheekbones, your wrinkles smooth out, and the camera will take 20 pounds off of your face.

Now, how did I make that amazing discovery? I played around with my smartphone in a coffee shop. I had a coughing fit, thing I know I had changed my selfie game forever. 

Technology is a beast that we love to hate and yet cannot let go. How many times have you lost sleep because you watched way too many videos on Facebook or YouTube via your smartphone? A lot, I am guessing.

The goal of this newsletter is to help you succeed online so you can be found by your target clients and customers. Let us know what you would like to read more of; this newsletter is for you.

Best Regards,

Jewel H. Ward
Founder and Principal
Impact Zone Consultancy
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