In-Field Data Collection
Testing in Progress!

GrowData's new Harvest App .....
                       is well on the way to being ready for the southern states harvest by November.
Unfortunately the development time took considerably longer than was originally expected but the testing which was being carried out on Geoffrey Thompson orchards produced excellent results with the app meeting all the key performance indicators which were developed in conjunction with Thompson’s orchard manager Brent Reeve.
We have also had considerable inputs from clients in the table grape and vegetable growing industries and have consequently ensured that the app will also be capable of managing in field packing.
The app will read both barcodes and QR codes for bins, cartons etc. as well as for the pickers if required. Manual entry of this data is also available.
All information is transferred to GrowData’s Harvest screen including the picker, rate type $rate, Block, location on the block and quality observations. These transfers will happen live if there is a mobile connection in the field or if not it will store the data until it is in range of a wifi signal
The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about having to buy very expensive reading devices. GrowData  can operate with iPhones, iPads and even the very inexpensive iPod
We will continue to do beta testing with clients in the north of the country so that we will be ready for the next harvest in the Southern States.
Setting Up Bin Weights

Bin Weights
Bin weights can be problematic as quite often growers are using different sized bins to pick the same crop. Eg wooden v plastic.
To cover this situation our program has a 2 step set up.
  1. In Set Up Menu > Crops you enter the bin weight of your “Standard” or most commonly used bin against each crop.
  2. In Set Up Menu > Picking you set up the bins used on the property and in the size field you enter 1 against your standard bin and other bin sizes are expressed as a percentage of the standard bin.
For example if you use predominantly  wooden bins then they will be set as size 1. If your plastic bin holds 10% less then its size will be entered as 0.9.

This is how GrowData calculates the weight:
If you create a record in an apple block and you pick 10 bins using the wooden bin and you have set up the weight against apple crops as 420 Kg’s, the calculation is:
10 x 420 x 1 = 4200kg’s

If you went to that same block the next day and picked 10 bins using plastic bins the calculation would be:
10 x 420 x 0.9 =3780 kg’s

So regardless of the crop, the plastic bin will always record at 10% less than the wooden bin.

Remember that in the Production/Harvest screen when you are entering picking totals you nominate the Bin Type so that the weights can be accurately calculated.

There is a more in depth explanation of this process on our web site ( just log in as a member using the same User name & Password that you use to log into the cloud and go to Members > FAQ’s > Setting up bin weights.
Support and Upgrades Contract

The annual Support and Upgrades contract is due for renewal in July.
We want you to get the most out of your GrowData software which is why we include unlimited support and training in the contract. If you need some advice or training or if you have new staff on board who need help we’re just a phone call away.
Unless you’re keeping an eye on our version numbers you may not be aware that we are regularly uploading new versions onto the cloud. We will keep you informed of any changes made via our newsletters and we welcome your suggestions on how to improve the software.
If you would like to learn more about our Highly Acclaimed Packing Program which will save you thousands of $'s compared to other comparable software packages
or call

 + 61 3 58311711
for a no obligation online demonstration.
GrowData Packing
    Check Your      Chemical      Setup   
We have noticed when working on a number of clients databases that often the Chemicals screen (Set Up Menu > Chemicals)  is missing information that it needs to function correctly .
The “Type” field (Fertiliser, herbicide, pesticide etc), is often not filled in which causes chemicals to not show in a number of reports. We suggest that you do a quick check on all your chemicals to make sure they are allocated to a category (TYPE).

A very fast way to do this check is to click the Setup Menu > Chemicals button.  In the Chemical and Fertiliser page there is a Chemical Register report button.
Running this report will quickly identify any chemicals do not have a category/type attached to them.
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's
Do You Know
     how to... 
Set Up Bin Weights?
Orchard and Vegetable growers - Read our FAQ's on Bin Weights and other time saving information.
To find our FAQ's open to the GrowData website then click the 'Client Log in' button in the top right hand corner. Type in the same user name and password  that you use to log-in to your GrowData program. You can now read all our FAQs 
Email Us
With the recent changes to Freshcare we are going through all our reports to make sure that they meet current requirements in relation chemical applications. If you ever have an issue with an auditor in relation to our reports meeting requirements we would greatly appreciate a call from you, preferably while the auditor is still there.
We sometimes find that a grower is using the spray instruction sheet as the spray diary report. This will not meet the auditors expectation as it is designed to ensure that the operator knows what to do but it does not have all the information required in a formal spray diary report. 
The Spray Diary report can be found in the Reports Menu > Spray Diary. (It can also be access via the Enter Data > Spray Diary screen). We recommend that you use the report filter “By Date” as this will give you a comprehensive and most compact version of the report. Provided you have entered all the data into the spray diary screen this report will meet all the audit requirements of Freshcare and Global gap.
Tip: Targeted Pest & Disease is required information in the spray diary report and should be entered against each chemical used. You can add to your Targeted Pest & Disease dropdown list by double clicking in the actual field and this will bring up a list which you can add to as required.
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