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 There will be an exciting announcement made at the upcoming Hort Connections convention.
High profile New Zealand company  Tracmap and GrowData will be releasing details of an integration that will be of great benefit to our mutual clients.

Hort Connections 2019
GrowData will be at the upcoming Hort Connections conventions to be held in Melbourne later this month. This is a great opportunity for you to catch up with us and discuss many of the upcoming features that are just being released or in development for release later this year.
You will be able to have a look at the new Harvest  App and have a say in what features you want to see in our Spray Instruction app which will enable you to send detailed instructions to your operators phone app and download the details when the job is done.

Our Harvest app is ready to download

Our Harvest app has been tested by a number of growers including Geoffrey Thompson and has proved to be a major time saver. It is now available on the app store and will soon be available for android devices. This app is going to be an absolute game changer for our clients.
Have a look at the testimonials on our web site.
There is also a link to download the Harvest App from our Mobile Apps page on the GrowData website.
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Maintenance and Upgrades Contract

Our annual Maintenance and Upgrades contract falls due in July. This guarantees that you will never be charged for version upgrades or for training and support.

If you have had a change in staff and want their skills with GrowData upgraded please don’t hesitate to call us.

A new platform and NEW version 

Testing of our new server and a major upgrade to our programs has been completed and we are about to start rolling out the new system to all our clients.
This will be a staged process and you will be advised in advance of the upgrade.

The new version will ensure that our app development will integrate smoothly with your GrowData program.

Pruning Budget & Reporting Module

  1. Create Budget
  2. Compare Budget with Actual cost -  'Work in Progress' report
  3. Summary 'Budget Report'
We have recently developed a very advanced budgeting module which makes it easy for you to set budgets on a per block basis.

The program creates a record for each variety on a given property. It then automatically creates a record for each block with the number of trees (actual) in the block. You can then nominate a contractor if applicable and a rate per tree or an hourly rate with a projected time to be taken.

A report will then show a list of every block in the database with total costings on a per property, per variety and per block.

As the pruning progresses and the data is entered into the Pruning screen, another report called Work in Progress keeps track of progress and adjusts the outstanding  balances against blocks, varieties and properties so you always have a very clear picture of how much work is yet to be done and the outstanding balances.

A Thinning budget is on our To Do list.

Spray Recording app

Coming Soon

This app will be a boon to our smaller growers who often do not prepare their spray records in advance.
All the information you need will be downloaded from GrowData’s database including block details, chemicals machinery options.
You will be able to create the record in less than a minute and then sign off at the end of the job.

The information is sent back to GrowData when you are in range and the job is done.
Spray Instruction App.
The next app to be developed is currently being drafted. This app will eliminate the paper instruction sheet and replace it with one that can be sent direct to the operator's phone or tablet.

It will not only give precise instructions but will enable the manager to set parameters for additional information which they want recorded during the spraying process.

This may include time of completion of a block, time of tank fill and a number of other pieces of data which can be pre-determined by the manager.

The more information you can record the more protection you will have if a spray drift issue arises.
We would appreciate any suggestions from you as to the sort of information that you would like to see your operators recording in the field during spray events.

This information is automatically synced back to GrowData and can be stored in our documents section using the record number as a reference.

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