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General Manager - Operations
Nutrano Produce Group

GrowData Harvest App

Every year there is new red tape, new policies that growers have to come to terms with. Paying pickers exactly for what they pick, traceability, the list goes on.
Call me big brother but with GrowData’s harvest app I can track who picked what, where & when – Live.  I can plan tomorrows packing because I know exactly what is coming into the shed.  Print out a report and check the harvest tally for payroll ease.  If bins have quality issues I know who picked the bin- I can reach out to the supervisor and fix the issue immediately.  Added to that as the bin scans it allocates to the block and the patch and I know what my harvest labour bill is on a daily basis- all with an ipad and some bar codes-
Finally something to help ease the red tape burden!
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Harvesting using the new App

Inexpensive hardware and easy to use

The Harvest app can be used on either Apple or Android devices and will sync automatically when in internet range.
Picker details
can be scanned in using the QR code on their induction (Maydec) card or simple barcode stickers can be used.
Bin Cards
Options include switching on a permanent bin card field to be used in conjunction with the printed temporary printed bin card.
Crews & Teams
These can be preset for easy access
Harvest Contractors
Pickers can be linked to harvest contractors and reports generated per harvest contractor
Sign In/Out
This function enables supervisors to track the amount of time a picker has worked independently of being paid by the bin or by the hour.
The harvest data (property, block, variety, date, pay type and rate, picker name, bin number and more) is automatically syncronised into GrowData.  If the harvest app is out of internet range it stores the data on the device until it comes within range, then automatically syncs the saved data.
Extensive reporting gives users the ability to drill down to a micro level of detail or generate summaries using multiple sort options

Download the App from the Apple store or Android Play store, then contact us so we can link it up to your property for a free trial
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Red Sienna Pride pears
The Red Sienna Pride, pioneered by James Georgopoulos, was named for his daughter Sienna.(Supplied: GVIP)

A wonderful story of endeavour and strength by the Georgopoulos family

Cloud Hosting

Our annual Maintenance and Upgrades contract falls due in July. This guarantees that you will never be charged for version upgrades or for training and support.

If you have had a change in staff and want their skills with GrowData upgraded please don’t hesitate to call us.

Harvest App
Brent Reeve - Manager
Geoffrey Thompson Orchards. Pty Ltd.
 We have found the Harvest app. to be extremely helpful in reducing the paper work and double handling of data. Using mobile phones and iPods also means we did not have to invest in high end expensive mobile scanners. The design of app is very intuitive. Our supervisors picked it up quickly and required very little training.
 'Spray Instruction Sheet'

For Orchards & Vineyards


Download to Apple or Android devices

This app eliminates the paper instruction sheet and replace it with one that can be sent direct to the operator's phone or tablet.

It not only gives precise instructions but enables the manager to set parameters for additional information they want recorded during the spraying process such as
The time of completion of a block, time of tank fill and a number of other pieces of data which can be pre-determined by the manager.
The more information you can record the more protection you will have if a spray drift issue arises.
The spray information is automatically synced back to GrowData.
Download the mobile app 'GrowData Instructions' from the Apple or Play Store and give us a call on 0409 121146 so we can link it up to your data.

Pruning Budget & Reporting Module

  1. Create Budget
  2. Compare Budget with Actual cost -  'Work in Progress' report
  3. Summary 'Budget Report'
We have recently developed a very advanced budgeting module which makes it easy for you to set budgets on a per block basis.

The program creates a record for each variety on a given property. It then automatically creates a record for each block with the number of trees (actual) in the block. You can then nominate a contractor if applicable and a rate per tree or an hourly rate with a projected time to be taken.

A report will then show a list of every block in the database with total costings on a per property, per variety and per block.

As the pruning progresses and the data is entered into the Pruning screen, another report called Work in Progress keeps track of progress and adjusts the outstanding  balances against blocks, varieties and properties so you always have a very clear picture of how much work is yet to be done and the outstanding balances.

A Thinning budget is on our To Do list.
If you would like to learn more about our
Highly Acclaimed

which will save you thousands of $'s compared to other comparable software packages

or call

 0409 121 146
for a no obligation online demonstration.
Tracking harvest bins from block to customer
Traceability is a critical issue for all growers especially if they also pack their produce and sell direct to their customers. There are a number of ways of ensuring traceability and they vary depending on what existing processes are in place. (The last thing we want to do is turn your processes on their head simply to fit in with a rigid software program).
Here’s one of the ways we work with growers who harvest and pack their fruit:
Bins are identified with a bar coded card which is attached to the bin when it is in the field. The code is scanned by a mobile device either at the point of departure from the field or when received at the pack house. The mobile device has a number of fields on the screen to identify the picker, the block, the crop & variety (both auto filled from the block id). The bin can also be weighed (tare weight deducted) and the cool room destination selected.
All this information is stored in the database against the block.
When the bin is tipped for grading, the barcode is read again and the batch code is registered against the bin in the database, thus linking the bin to the block and the batch.
When the packout is completed and the stock dispatched we now have a direct traceability from the block to the customer.
Concise Reporting on Packout and Financial Performance for External Growers

We have also developed a module which is a great help if you are contract packing for other growers
This module allows you to track your packing costs, tipping fees and freight costs on a per grower and per batch basis. You can also capture the dillar sales on a per consignment basis.
This enable you to produce a comprehensive report for your grower clients which details their packout results, sales figures, packing, tipping and freight costs with a bottom line balance owing. 
GrowData’s  Packing Program is the perfect, affordable  answer to replacing your cumbersome hand written packing shed recording process.
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